Jaso vs. Doug, A differing opinion

| Gazette, Opinion | January 11, 2014

Mr. Ranter,
In your rant of last Friday you spoke of several wish list items that you were hoping would happen in 2014. One of those items from your New Year Wish List was that “the courts kick out the lawsuits from the environmental whackos, so Vista Canyon and Newhall Ranch can break ground. Isn’t our quality of life and economy more important than some obscure toad or whatever?”

In other words, “Let’s treat the toads, an endangered species, as we of European origin did when we first came ashore and encountered Native Americans: push them out, or perhaps wage a campaign that will eradicate them, so that we can enjoy ‘our quality of life and economy…’”

Just to be perfectly clear, Mr. Sutton, that was a reiteration of your New Year wish to be cast upon our local toad.

What is it with the arrogant, superior attitude, Mr. Ranter? Whether it is our species or another, where do we come off taking the “manifest destiny” or “divine right” position? Surely you agree that the whole manifest destiny bill of goods was just as big a piece of propaganda as was that ridiculous domino theory of communism in the 1960s. Do you not?

But, before we segue into a socio-political scolding (perhaps we already have), let’s get back to topic. Your callous disregard for the balance of nature and preservation of all creatures, your type or otherwise, needs attention.


The arroyo southwestern toad (Bufo microscaphus californicus) was here long before Lennar acquired Newhall Land & Farm, long before Ms. Lauffer began singing the praises of Newhall Land & Farm, even before Newhall Land & Farming Company had claimed any rights to the home of said toad. In fact, the toad probably peacefully coexisted in these lands with aforementioned Native Americans way back before the local continents had been given their current names – the Americas.

Thank goodness for the creation of environmental impact reports, the Department of Fish & Game, and groups concerned about the local environment, like SCOPE (Santa Clarita Organization for Planning and the Environment).

Fear not, toads. Regardless of Mr. Ranter’s sentiments, someone has got your back! Your quality of life and economy will be just fine.

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