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| Gazette, Student Journals | August 8, 2014

Najeeull Mays 1st Grade

My favorite animals are monkeys. If I could make up a law it would be to not kill animals because I care about animals. Monkeys are the most important because they eat bananas.

Mannsi Narain 7th Grade

When I grow up I want to be a singer because I love music and singers inspire me. I’d also like to be an animal rescuer and help prevent euthanasia. I want to do that because I think every animal has a right to live. I think being a writer would also be cool since I have so many ideas.

Niko Rivera 5th Grade


If I don’t become a petroleum engineer I would like to be a game maker. I play a lot of Minecraft and Wizard 101. Someday I would like to create video games just like Minecraft and Wizard 101.

Makayla Yera 2nd Grade

The laws I would make if I were the Mayor of Santa Clarita would be:
No taking shoes off
No throwing trash on the ground
No taking shirts off
No pushing people
No being mean
No biting people
No passing red lights
No killing people
No pulling people’s hair
No killing animals
and Listen to the teacher.

Arielle Zhuang 6th Grade

At C.A.R.E Learning I learned Let It Go in sign language 🙂 My favorite thing about C.A.R.E. are the field trips. My favorite field trip is to the beach. My brother was very very nice to me. I like that.

Ayden Zhuang 4th Grade

Super Bird and Fatty Bird Vs. Ugly Villain Bird

“It’s over, Ugly Villain Bird,” said Super Bird. “Hand over the bag of money,” said Fatty Bird. Fatty Bird and Super Bird are part of an organization called The Agents of Secret Stuff. The bad guys they fight are part of F.V. Fools Unite.
“Help me! Help me!” said Zebra, as Really Foolish Villain Bird flew away with Zebra.
“To the rescue we come,” said Super Bird and Fatty Bird.
“Never, you can never catch me!” said Really Foolish Villain Bird.
“We already did,” said Fatty Bird, as Really Foolish Villain Bird crashed into a skyscraper, dropping Zebra.
“It’s over, Really Foolish Villain Bird,” the two agents said.
“No, it’s under,” Really Foolish Villain Bird said as he got put in handcuffs.
“This isn’t over cause it’s under. Thank you Super Bird and Fatty Bird!” thanked Zebra.
“It’s our job,” the agents said as they flew away.

Sariah Anschultz 5th Grade

Hawaii, Kauai

I went on an awesome vacation to Hawaii. It was like paradise. We got our hotel room and just went to look at things. That Saturday we went tubing and we went in dark caves. It was really scary because it was dark. I went to lots of different beaches and it was not as hot there than California. this was the best vacation ever!!!

Darin Zareno Kindergarten

At the Natural History Museum I learned about bears, sheep, the jungle, walruses, and porcupines because they have sharp teeth.

Katelynn Wu 2nd Grade

My favorite animal is a giraffe. I went to the zoo and I saw lions and all sorts of animals. A giraffe’s life is tough because it has to spread his legs when it drinks.

Vince Phan 2nd Grade

The Jungle at the Natural History Museum.

The Jungle is a scary, rainy place and it has a temple.

Noah Jefferson 1st Grade

The 4 Muskateers 2nd story, the sequel.

Once upon a time there were 4 Musketeers, Noah, Valerie, Yoko and Matthew. One day, Valerie and Matthew were taking a walk and a map flew on Matthew’s nose. He said, “What’s this?” and Valerie said, “We should call the other Muskateers.” And they did. Automatically they appeared. Noah said, “It was a treasure map.” So they set off to follow it and they found Treasure!

The End

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