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| Gazette, Student Journals | August 21, 2014

We are excited to have the new school year start! We will have themed journal entries about the start of school, interviews of teachers and important figures of the community.

During the last week of Summer, C.A.R.E Learning Academy visited the California Science Center and the Aquatic Center!

Najeeull Mays

At the California Science Center I learned how to make blue goo! I also learned about water and sound waves. My favorite part of the field trip was the group picture.

Isabella Swanson


My favorite part of the California Science Center was the Endeavor.

Makayla Yera

I learned about and saw the Endeavor Exhibit at the California Science Center. There was also a music room where I danced. I saw fish and learned about the human heart.

Diedre Dioquino

I like the water park at the Aquatic Center because I got a chance to go on the water slide. There was a little water slide too. I went on it and it was fun! My favorite class is Journalism. That’s what I like about Camp C.A.R.E.! The End

A special shout-out to some of our Sponsors: Legal Shield! Worry Less. Live More. Rick Mickelson (310)795-8223 It’s a Geek. Computer and IT Services (661) 513-3529 and HotSpot. Local Media Connection. Thank you so much for helping our school! We are so grateful to have a working computer lab for school assignments, projects and journal time!

News the Kids’ Way is going Online!! The upcoming weeks we will be posting our stories and having a monthly prize for the top three stories.

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