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| Gazette, Student Journals | January 16, 2014

MY LAST WEEK OF WINTER BREAK  Najeeull M. Kindergarten
I liked when I went to SCV Tutors. I did science. I liked when we made a tornado in a bottle. I also learned about carbon dioxide. I learned it is carbon and oxygen. It can’t move when it’s trapped, so it blew up the balloon. And I went on a hike with my friends. We played hide and seek. When we were there we went into the nature center. I saw a stuffed bobcat and a snake that was alive. We also saw the red cabin and saw a wood burning stove and a picture with sisters. I had a very fun time this week.

THINGS I DID THIS WEEK Sariah A. 4th grade
My favorite thing I did this week was go to the Valencia Library to build and get creative with Legos. Makayla and I were partners and we took a lot of Legos and built a library. It took us a long time, but we finished! I also liked PJ day, because we got to watch movies and made pancakes on a griddle. I got to make my own pancakes and pour the syrup. I loved Winter Camp!!!

THE BEST FIELD TRIP EVER   Samantha D. 7th grade
On my winter break, my favorite thing was our hiking trip with SCV Tutors. It was great, because my friend McKenna and I got to take turns carrying Kailie on our backs while we hiked with the younger kids. The second hike with only the bigger kids was a little more fun and daring. The hill was steep and if you took one wrong step, I doubt you’d live. The hike was hard and the most fun I’ve had in months. I hope to hike again soon.
MY BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY    Brianna M. 2nd grade
First, on my brother’s birthday we went to the mountains where we saw a frozen lake and behind it there was snow. So we built a snowman and an igloo with my family. When we were done building the snowman and the igloo, we skated on the frozen lake before we left. But, my brother wanted to go skiing. When we left, we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s. I got 237 tickets. I had fun on my brother’s birthday.

I liked hiking because I was the fastest runner. I liked playing Hide and Seek after our hike because I played with my friends. I stepped in scat on purpose and it stuck to my shoe. I learned that scat is coyote poop. Today I made my own pancakes and they were delicious! I also liked the Legos on our field trip to the Valencia Library with my friends. We made a house.

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