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| Gazette, Student Journals | July 10, 2015

Facts about the Nile River
Matt L. Grade 5Location
The Nile River goes through Kenya, Eritrea, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia.
It is longest river in the world because it is 6650 km or 4132mi.
The main biome is the Sierra Desert.
The river splits into two branches at the Mediterranean Sea and at the Rosetta and Damietta branches.

The Jordan River
Jasmine L. Grade 5
The Jordan River in which John the Baptist baptized  his cousin Jesus of  Nazareth  is in west Asia, close to Africa, and follows the dead sea. It is conceded to be one of the world’s most sacred rivers. It originates near Mt.Hermon, Isral.
The Jordan River is 156 miles (251 km) long. The valley itself is narrow and long, averaging about 6 miles (10km). In width 3000 meters, and about 50,200 feet (15- 16 meters) deep!

Africa is an amazing continent that has many plants and animals. I hope you enjoy learning about Africa as much as I do. If you do here is some more information.
Some animals have camouflage and protection and some have things on their bodies that help them live. For example, a zebra has stripes so it can confuse its predators and an elephant has big ears so it can cool itself off on hot summer days. Giraffes have purple tongues to keep their tongues from getting sunburned. Last of all, meerkats live underground in tunnels for protection from predators.

Letters to the Homeless

Dear Friend,
My name is Sophia. I hope you enjoy the little items inside this bag. I think that they might help you. I hope you see a very bright future ahead of you. I am happy to give you this bag and hope you are happy with the things inside of it.


– Sophia M. Grade 4

Dear Friend,
I will give you some things that will make your life a little easier. I hope you enjoy my gifts so you will live happy and healthy. But everything is not about my gift, it is about you living a good life.

– Brianna M. Grade 4

Dear Friend,
Hi how are you doing? My name is Nathan and I was thinking I hope that this food will make you happy. Also even though everything may not seem great, I hope your life will work itself out for the better.

– Nathan B. Grade 8

Dear Friend,
I wish you good luck. I hope you like the toothbrush and soap. I understand you have a very difficult life. But good things will happen if you believe. I wish you good fortune.

– Enzo L. Grade 4

Hi this is Lea. I hope our gift makes your day brighter. Bon Appétit. I also hope you run into good fortune in the future. I hope you feel better.

– Lea M. Grade 7

Dear Friend,
I hope you have a nice day! I hope you enjoy these things. We are giving these things to you because you don’t have a home. I hope you get a job.

– Lucca L. Grade 2

Dear Friend,
How was your day? Are you ok? Do you have a house? Do you have a friend? Do you have a dog? Do you have a cat? I am your friend.

– Makayla Y. Grade 3

Dear Friend,
I am donating a little bag filled with things you might need and I hope you like it. I hope one day you will live a happy family and a good home. I hope you make good choices and decisions. Here is a bag that I hope will make a difference in your life.
– Kirra W. Grade 5
A big shout out and thank you to AFLAC for coming in this week to teach the kids business techniques.

If you and/or your company would like to come in to teach the students about your business and get some free advertisement, please call C.A.R.E. Learning Academy at 661-255-2223.

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