A Relieved Citizen, a Local Hero and a Cleared Landscape

| News | August 22, 2019

by Michelle Sandoval

Last week the Gazette reported on a local resident’s concerns about an excess amount of dry brush behind her home that she feared was a serious fire hazard. Judith Gilbert, from Canyon Country, resides in the Sierra Park mobile home complex, next to the Tres Robles Homeowners Association condos. After numerous calls to the City and local fire officials pleading for help to have the brush removed, the majority of which went unanswered, Judith called the Gazette with her story.

Gazette reporter Lee Barnathan, who covered the original story, spoke to Station 107 Captain Ryan Chapin, who eventually did stop by to inspect the brush. Barnathan writes, “Chapin said it would be simple to use a weed trimmer, remove the grass and throw six inches of mulch or bark to prevent further growth. But if a fire arises, the station is right across the street and would respond quickly.” Judith Gilbert is 80 years old, nothing about using a weed trimmer or throwing mulch would be “simple” for her.

This led to the Gazette staff putting their heads together to come up with a solution to help Judith and the other nearby residents. We decided to call some of our loyal advertisers who specialize in tree and brush removal to see if they would be willing to offer their services pro-bono and remove the dry brush. Right away, a hero emerged. Erik from Erik’s Tree Service & Brush Clearance agreed to take care of the problem for Judith, quickly and free of charge. In fact, he informed Judith that he, along with his wife, Natalie, and two children, Gabe and Ali, would be taking care of the brush personally.

“What bothers me is that people won’t go outside of their zone to help others. Especially when it comes to senior citizens. They need help and they need to be listened to. I just felt in my heart that it was the right thing to do,” he stated.


Erik and his family do a lot in the community to help seniors, especially during the holidays when they pay them special visits and just sit, talk and do arts and crafts. It is important to them that no one is lonely and alone in these times.

Erik added, “This is something I will remember forever, just seeing her face and smile meant everything to me.”

He concluded by saying that this is a service he will provide for her on a yearly basis, so that Judith can rest easy and enjoy her home life, without any fear of possible brush fires.

A Letter from Judith:


Regarding the brush removal, all I can say is if you need to know or get something done in this Valley, CALL THE SANTA CLARITA GAZETTE.
A big thank you to you, Lee and the Gazette staff. This newspaper is also a voice of truth, reason and common sense. Rare commodities these days.

-Judy G

For information on Erik’s Tree Service & Brush Removal, call 661-480-0030.

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