Eric Early Attempting to Unseat Adam Schiff

| News | October 17, 2019

Saying Rep. Adam Schiff has lied, abused his power and led a witch hunt against the president, Eric Early has announced he’s running for Schiff’s seat.

Early, who often speaks to conservative groups in Santa Clarita, previously ran for state Attorney General and then tried to have the AG removed from the ballot. He was unsuccessful on both, and he recognizes the long odds he has to unseat Schiff (D-Burbank), who has served in Congress since 2001, won his last election with 78 percent of the vote, currently chairs the House Intelligence Committee and is one of the leaders of the impeachment inquiry.

Just don’t call Early’s campaign quixotic.

“That’s your interpretation,” he said. “I’ve talked to a lot of U.S. Senators who have major power. Nobody gave them a chance in hell. We have a president nobody gave a chance in hell. It’s not quixotic. We’re beyond the word quixotic.”

He does have the backing from the county and state Republican parties as well as former county supervisor Mike Antonovich. And since the top two vote getters from the March primary advance to the November general election, Early likes his chances. Beside Schiff, Independent Jennifer Barbosa, Republican Jon Hollis and Democrat Maebe A. Girl are running.


Early continued, “I don’t want a Congressman who has totally politicized his office and the intelligence committee and turned it into an arm of the Democratic Party. I don’t want a Congressman who cares nothing about our district, who has totally turned his office into a machine just to stay in political power and to try and increase his standing among those for whom he’s carrying water. This guy needs to be removed from office, and the way you remove people from office in our society, short of pretext and made-up things that Schiff is all about, is you vote them out of office. I want him out of office. I want him out of government. I think he’s a danger to our country in many respects. I want him out of office.”

Early said Schiff has done nothing to help the district’s constituents. He said homelessness has increased and nothing is being done to address the mental-illness component.

“Mr. Schiff has ignored it completely,” he said.

Early said Schiff has done nothing to help Californians receive benefits under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, even though Schiff voted against the bill.

“Fighting for a district to continue to allow tax increases that affect our constituents is not fighting for the district,” Early said. “I don’t want our constituents to pay more and more taxes. I’ll do everything I can to help lower the tax burden on our constituents.”

Early said there are infrastructure and immigration problems that must be solved, and Schiff is doing nothing to help.

“We have a guy now, Mr. Schiff, who has never done anything on any of those issues for the constituents. You look at his record and it’s appalling. He’s Exhibit A of a professional politician who gets in and his biggest concerns are doing what it takes to stay in power, to stay in political office and to increase his political standing among those in his party,” Early said. “The moderate Democrats and certainly many of the independents, the do-not-state votes, they want to see a Congressperson helping them in their district, and they don’t want to see somebody in Congress who has been doing what Adam Schiff has done for the last three years, which is fabricate stories to get personal attention for himself and try and destroy a duly elected president.”

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