Hart District Acknowleges Brown Act Violations

| News | February 14, 2019

The William S. Hart Union High School District acknowledged it committed a Brown Act violation when a bond oversight committee failed to provide a link to a meeting agenda.

Debbie Dunn, executive assistant to district Superintendent Vicki Engbrecht, said in an emailed response to local bond watchdog Steve Petzold that the violation of Government Code Sec. 54954.2 occurred because there was no direct link to the Jan. 10 meeting agenda on the district’s home page. Starting Jan. 1, a direct link to the most current meeting agenda has to be posted on the primary website’s homepage.

Petzold had sent a letter dated Feb. 8 to Engbrecht and Suzan Solomon, presiding member of the Measure SA bond oversight committee, detailing the problem. In keeping with the law, Petzold also demanded that the committee should call a special meeting, with proper notice, “to make null and void (invalidate) all actions taken” at the meeting.

Under the Brown Act, a body has 30 days to correct a problem, but Dunn emailed the same day. Her email, which Petzold provided to the Gazette, said, “I have confirmed that the only action taken at the January 10 meeting was approval of the minutes of the September 13, 2018, meeting. We understand that this action is void and the minutes will be placed on the agenda of the next meeting for approval.”


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