Katie Hill Changes Position on Impeachment

| News | September 26, 2019

After initially resisting calls to open an impeachment inquiry on President Trump, Rep. Katie Hill has reversed course and now favors it, the same day the House announced it had decided to pursue impeachment.

“I was elected to represent people who love our country, and I swore an oath to uphold, protect, and defend the United States Constitution,” Hill (D-Agua Dulce) said in a statement. “That’s why, now, I strongly support the House of Representatives moving forward with impeachment proceedings – it is what the Constitution, my constituents and my conscience demands.”

Hill’s statement does not specifically address why she changed her mind, but her statement says she believes Trump is a threat to the Constitution’s checks and balances.
The House opened an impeachment inquiry Tuesday after Trump acknowledged he held up aid to Ukraine and pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, for corruption. Hunter Biden did business in Ukraine.

An unnamed whistleblower has submitted a report to the director of national intelligence; Congress is demanding to see it. Trump has maintained he has done nothing illegal.

The House is not convening a formal committee as during Watergate; rather, all six committees investigating Trump will coordinate. Even so, a vote to impeach is far off.
Hill said voting for impeachment “will not be a vote I come to lightly. I acknowledge how divisive an issue this has been, and will be, as investigations move forward. But we cannot let partisan politics interfere with the responsibilities assigned to Congress in the Constitution, and I hope my colleagues, regardless of party, will uphold their oath.”


The New York Times reported that 203 House Democrats support the inquiry, 19 don’t and 13 haven’t responded. No Republican is in favor of it, although 86 of the 198 haven’t announced their views. One independent – who was a Republican before leaving the party – also favors the inquiry.

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