Katie Hill Seeks New Digs

| News | December 21, 2018

Rep.-elect Katie Hill has said she wants to keep all of the 25th congressional district offices the same in the name of continuity. She’s going to have to find a new location in Santa Clarita.

According to two Hill spokespeople and the owner of the building on Carl Boyer Drive where Rep. Steve Knight’s office currently is housed, the congressional office will not be there anymore.

Kiza Hilton, who co-owns the building with her husband, told the Gazette she had promised the space to the building’s architect, “and to be quite honest, it was very disruptive to the other tenants (in the) building, with constant protests and the window shot out of the building and all the issues that cropped up, so it was very relieving to know that the architect wanted that space as soon as it became available.”

The office has not exactly been a quiet place all the time. In April, a BB or pellet gun caused a small hole in a window.

Protests over Knight’s voting on repealing the Affordable Care Act happened several times in 2017. In February, hundreds showed up pleading that Knight not vote to repeal. In May, Planned Parenthood demonstrated. In July, Knight got into a shouting match with protestors.


Hill spokesperson Lindsay Bubar said it’s her understanding that the Simi Valley and Palmdale district offices will remain once Hill becomes the congresswoman Jan. 7.

As for Santa Clarita, spokeswoman Hannah Nayowith said in an email, “We’re actually in the process of looking for a new SCV space. We don’t know yet exactly where it will be – we’ll keep you posted when we know!”

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