Katie Hill Speaks at Women’s March in Los Angeles

| News | January 24, 2019

Stacy Fortner has seen Katie Hill at several previous women’s marches, but this was the first time Fortner saw Hill there as her congressional representative.

“You get a proud moment, that you were a part of putting her there,” Fortner said.

Hill (D-Agua Dulce) was one of many speakers to take to the podium last weekend in downtown Los Angeles. She spoke early, and only for about a minute, but she stressed that the work isn’t yet done, and she would like to see more diversity in Congress starting in 2020.

“I’m here to tell you that the work that you did last year got the most historic, most diverse, most women ever elected to Congress. But that means women make up only one in four members of Congress, and if you look at the two sides of the aisle, you can see the difference in the diversity that we got. But that means that we’re never going to get to true equality unless we get equal representation,” Hill said. “So, this is the moment that we start again. We’ve taken a little break. Now, it’s time to get back to work, because you see what’s happening in Washington. We can’t move forward on getting affordable health care for everyone unless we start to work again. So, we need you to show up. The activism has just started. Get back to work. It’s time for 2020 to watch out for us, because we’re coming again.”

Fortner said she liked what Hill had to say, and she didn’t think Hill’s attitude was any different now that she’s in Congress.


“Her responsibility is to represent us, and I think she’s doing a fabulous job,” Fortner said.

Hill spokesperson Kassie King said Hill was well received, even by people too young to vote.

“I think it’s really powerful when a 4-year-old girl knows who her congresswoman is, and that was happening over and over,” King said. “We had several young women, young girls come up to Katie, and young teenagers and such. They were really excited. They had seen her on their televisions. They had heard about her story from the papers. They had talked to their parents about it, and they were really excited to meet a congresswoman who they connected with who is becoming very accessible.”

Committee assignments

King added that Hill has been assigned to the oversight, armed services and science, space and technology committees. Hill had previously said armed services was her first choice, and she said in a statement that aerospace “is the backbone of my district’s economy.” She also previously said she would be happy with oversight and science, space and technology.

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