Knight in Favor of Investigating Presidential Election

| News | May 18, 2017

Rep. Steve Knight (R-Palmdale) has taken a stand regarding the FBI’s investigation into Russia meddling in the last presidential election. According to the L.A. Times, Knight has called for a special prosecutor to take the lead.

“It is time for an investigation of Russia’s intervention in the U.S. election. There is too much at stake at home and abroad to not take this step. There is so much conflicting information from many sources; Americans deserve the opportunity to learn the truth,” Knight said in a statement. “As stated before, I continue to support any efforts done by the House Intelligence Committee and join many of my colleagues in supporting the assignment of a special prosecutor to take over the ongoing FBI investigation.”

Previously, Knight said President Trump had the right to fire FBI head James Comey, but he looked forward to what the Russia/Trump campaign investigation would reveal.

According to the Times, two other California Republicans also are calling for a special prosecutor: Darrell Issa of Vista and Tom McClintock of Elk Grove, although CBS News reported in February that Issa backtracked on that issue.

Bryan Caforio, Knight’s past and future opponent for Knight’s 25th Congressional seat, echoed Knight’s call for an independent investigation.


“If Congressman Knight is ready to put his partisan politics aside and get the American people the answers they deserve, he will sign onto the discharge petition,” Caforio said in a statement. “The fate of our democracy is on the line. For Knight to do anything less is simply lip service.”

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