Knight’s old Office Now Up For Grabs

| News | January 10, 2019

The owners of the building that housed former Congressman Steve Knight’s district office have changed their minds and invited Rep. Katie Hill to use the location. However, it doesn’t appear that Hill’s people are aware the space is again available.

Kiza and Richard Hilton said they believe that the disruptions and demonstrations that previously occurred at the Carl Boyer Drive location would not repeat since a Democrat is now the representative. Those activities included a 2017 “die-in” to protest Knight’s voting against the Affordable Care Act, one of several demonstrations that year. Also, a bb or pellet gun caused a small hole in a window in April.

“It was just a hassle,” Richard Hilton said.

“That behavior was driven by extreme liberals, and that, probably, extreme conservatives would probably approach the whole situation differently,” Kiza Hilton said. “I reached out to Katie, letting her know I’d love if she’d be a tenant in the building. I was a big supporter of hers.”

Additionally, Kiza Hilton said, the architect who originally wanted the space has not signed any lease.


Hill had said she wanted to keep all of Knight’s district offices in the name of continuity, and she said in a statement that the Simi Valley and Palmdale locations, needing only phone and internet connections, would open Monday.

Spokesperson Kassie King didn’t sound like she knew of Kiza Hilton’s invitation.

“When we initially reached out, we were given a response that that location wasn’t interested in hosting the next congressperson,” King said. “If that has changed, our district director is currently looking into many different options in Santa Clarita, so we will reach back out to that building and we will include them on our list of properties we’re surveying and making sure that that property is still one that will fit the needs of our constituents.”

King added that Hill wants the district staff evenly distributed around the three offices. Kiza Hilton said congressional offices must be properly vetted; since this one has been, that step is saved.

Richard Hilton, saying this is more of a business decision, said his wife took the lead on this.

“I’m not opposed to it,” he said. “It’s a great office. Beautiful building, beautiful office.”

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