Lucie Volotzky Runs for Assembly

| News | October 10, 2019

Saying she doesn’t like what she sees in Sacramento, and needs to be a voice for those not represented, businesswoman and former model Lucie Volotzky announced recently she’s running for Assembly.

Volotzky, 64, is the owner of two Blissful Sleep mattress stores in the San Fernando Valley. She is a Republican originally from Montreal but naturalized in the 1980s. She modeled in Canada and most recently competed in the 2011 Ms. Exoti-Lady pageant representing her native country. She bemoans what she sees as too much partisan division and wants to run what she calls “a different type of campaign.”

“I’m running to bring facts and say ‘enough is enough’ to what the government does to us,” she said in a thick French-Canadian accent. “They pass laws (and) they don’t think what will affect the other side. That’s the problem. They have no balance.”

As Volotzky sees it, California is in a sad state. She sees freedom of speech eroding and too much anger on both sides. “You need three things: head, heart and soul,” she said. “A soul to believe, a heart to give and a head to do the right choice.”

Among her platform points, which she provided, are quoted below:


Less taxes, “enabling families and Millennials to have more time to enjoy what they can spend from wages earned.”
Less regulation, “which strangle small business owners and limit hiring more employees.” This includes decreasing the number of forms needed to start and grow a business.
Safe neighborhoods.
Faith-based or charitable solutions to opiate and opioid addiction.

She said a representative should be the method to improve the quality of life in the district, not protect a political agenda. “I feel I’m more of a messenger to opening doors,” she said.

Volotzky is the second Republican to challenge incumbent Christy Smith (D-Santa Clarita), joining Suzette Valladares, who dropped out of the 25th congressional district race to challenge Smith.

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