Master’s University Lays off 11 Faculty – School’s Accreditation Remains on Probation

| News | March 14, 2019

The Master’s University, already struggling with some of its management practices, will lay off 11 faculty members and the executive secretary at the end of this school year, according to unnamed sources and a tweet.

This is on top of the news that the school’s accreditation will remain on probation. The Western Association of Schools and College’s Senior College and University Commission placed the school on probation last year because of a “pervasive culture and climate of fear, intimidation, bullying, and uncertainty among significant numbers of faculty and staff,” “a pattern of seemingly arbitrary personnel actions … with a lack of due process and in violation of existing (school) Employee and Faculty Handbooks” and too-cozy relationships between board members and the college president, according to the report.

It appears these two events are unrelated, the sources said.

School Director of Communications Brian Harr did not return calls for comment, nor did the school make available Sharon Staats, the longtime secretary of President John MacArthur who was named in a tweet from Karen Cardwell under the name The Master’s Reject as being let go.

The tweet also cited falling enrollment as the reason that the school will lay off 11 faculty members and Staats.


“How do they reconcile this with their recent ad touting ‘expansion & growth?’” the tweet ended.

A Nov. 2 article from the school’s website touts an increase in enrollment “and looking at an even bigger increase next year.”

A Facebook post attributed to Donna Laubacher Morley said in part, “I never thought in a million years Sharon Staats (MacArthur’s secretary) would be let go. The school ran efficiently because of her.”

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One Response to “Master’s University Lays off 11 Faculty – School’s Accreditation Remains on Probation”

  1. While I don’t have a dog in the fight, this article seems to be a blood-in-the-water fluff piece to me. The entire article goes to many issues based on “an unnamed source”. Sad to say that writing something like this is just picking low-hanging fruit given the other issues the University has been dealing with concerning accreditation and even fiscal misuse issues. At least the accreditation problems have on-the-record basis for reporting. This one is a joke and not worthy of digital ink, seeking only to hitchhike on the other story and provides nothing other than the credibility of an “anonymous tweet” to allow for possible muck-raking.

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