Mike Garcia Steps up the Attacks

| News | April 2, 2020

Maybe it’s because the May 12 special election draws near, and maybe it’s because going negative is a common move that has paid off in the past, but the Mike Garcia campaign has ratcheted up the attacks on Christy Smith.

In addition to the usual swipes via press release or campaign website, the Garcia people have created a website (scarysmith.com) to attack Smith on her voting record and her priorities.

Garcia campaign spokesman Lance Trover said the point is to highlight the differences between the two candidates.

“Mike Garcia is a former Navy fighter pilot who believes taxes in California are out of control and wants to lower the tax burden on Californians, while career politician Christy Smith stands for higher taxes, jobs killing bills like AB5 and taking the Sacramento dysfunction to Washington D.C.,” Trover wrote in an email.

It’s not that the Smith people haven’t been attacking Garcia, either. On Twitter, they have painted Garcia as a pro-life extremist and a Trump acolyte who doesn’t trust science.


“Mike Garcia’s out-of-touch, partisan attacks in the midst of this crisis demonstrate he’s not a good fit for this district,” Smith Deputy Campaign Manager Kunal Atit wrote in an email. “Christy is currently focused on her work as this community’s public servant, ensuring state response to local constituents and connecting people with essential information, services, and resources. Christy will be just as dedicated to our community once she is elected to Congress, working with members of both parties, putting service first and politics last.”

The Cook Political Report changed its assessment of the race from “Likely Democrat” to “Leans Democrat,” leading the San Francisco Chronicle to conclude that the seat is not guaranteed. It has been 22 years since a Republican picked up a House seat in California, the Chronicle reported.

Steve Knight also endorsed Garcia, saying on Facebook, “I believe Mike will be successful in his run against Christy Smith in May. Mike worked hard in this campaign and will continue to do so until the final votes are cast.”

The Signal, Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris, former Governor Pete Wilson and former Congressman Buck McKeon are among the 13 organizations and 45 individuals who also endorsed Garcia.

Smith counts 57 organizations, 23 federal and 46 individuals among her endorsements, including the Los Angeles Times, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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One Response to “Mike Garcia Steps up the Attacks”

  1. Berta González-Harper on April 2, 2020 @ 8:24 pm

    So now reminding folks of a politician’s public voting record is “Mike Garcia’s out-of-touch, partisan attacks”? Wow, really?
    Mike Garcia will take back this seat since it should never have been won by nut case Katie Hill in the first place. Furthermore, I believe Democrats will lose many other elections across the state and across the country since folks are really tired of their to quote Joe Biden “shenanigans”.

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