Radio Debate Interrupted

| News | May 18, 2017

The co-owner of the local radio station said the glitch on Friday’s show featuring a city councilmember and the Gazette publisher was due to “a technical error.”

“Facebook crashed on us,” said Carl Goldman, who also hosted the program that featured Councilmember Bill Miranda and publisher Doug Sutton arguing about their feud over Miranda’s unwillingness to provide documentation of what the 2014 Latino Chamber of Commerce gala made and where the money went.

The debate was spirited. Miranda sounded like he was about to level some charge at Gazette publisher Doug Sutton when the video abruptly ended, causing some concern.

“Let me confirm for viewers (many that have contacted me) that this video is severely edited,” local activist and realtor Steve Petzold wrote on Facebook.

On Monday, Goldman said the entire audio of the show was on the website’s podcast, and the entire video was uploaded in two parts to YouTube. Goldman said every KHTS broadcast is backed up these ways.


“We always have three safety nets, so we know we can always capture it,” Goldman said.

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