Radio Host Joe Messina Starts Local Podcast

| News | January 18, 2019

Fed up with the one-sided comments he sees on social media and a lack of civil discourse in the area, Joe Messina has decided to do something about it: start a podcast.

On Friday, the first episode of “Trending SCV” will air on spreaker.com featuring Stephen Daniels, who hosts his own podcast, “The Talk of Santa Clarita.” Messina said they’re covering such topics as Sen. Scott Wilk’s influence, “the establishment” and “white privilege.”

“I’m going to try and pull back the curtain and find out what the real story is. I am definitely now tired of all the hypocrisy in and around the valley when it comes to issues,” Messina said in a podcast introduction on spreaker.com. “I’m tired of seeing only one side of the issue being hammered home.

“The heat is rising. I’m talking about global cooling, global warming, whatever. I’m talking about the political heat in this valley. We can’t even talk to each other anymore. People that have been friends for years no longer can be friends. This is wrong. It’s not what made this city strong.”

Messina, already known for his talk show “The Real Side,” said this show would differ in that it would deal exclusively with area issues, such as proving or disproving what elected officials or community organizers said. An example might be a directly elected mayor. Many people obviously want it, he said, but have they considered what it would take to make that happen, such as needing to rewrite the city charter?


Although he had no other confirmed guests as of Monday, he said he would like to have on the show elected and non-elected officials, community organizers and others who assemble rallies, and anyone outspoken enough – especially if they’re outspoken on Facebook.

He said he especially dislikes some of the local forums in which an opposing (read: conservative) comment leads to personal attacks.

“You won’t get pounded on the show for having another idea. You will get pounded on for simply not telling the truth,” he said. “Since a lot of those Facebook pages are protected by a small group of outspoken people who hide behind sock puppets or block you because they don’t want you to see what they’re saying, it makes you reluctant to go there because it simply becomes a nasty mob scene. Many people I know forego going to Facebook altogether because they don’t want the pile-on. Even when they have real information, and they can prove what they say, they won’t go there. But you can come here. You can get me information. I’ll put it out.”

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  1. No ONe of Consequence on January 18, 2019 @ 1:08 pm

    A podcast on local issues? Yawn. Someone is already doing that

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