2019: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

| Opinion | January 9, 2020

by Dale Paule

The first full week of our brand new, made-in-the-U.S.A. year is now under our belt, and it’s time to look forward to a brighter, happier one than the one we just said goodbye to. Maybe if we took a hard look at some of the things that went wrong during those 365 roller-coaster days of 2019, we just might avoid making the same mistakes in 2020.
Let’s start by putting a few of those 2019 “issues” into three categories: good, bad and ugly!

Take the good first.

The obvious good part was Donald J. Trump and the accomplishments he’s achieved in the amazingly short period of three years, beginning with: the lowest unemployment across all segments of society in decades, if not historically, the striking down of hundreds of ridiculous, incentive-killing restrictions impeding manufacturing and research, and the successful negotiation of the beginning of a free trade agreement with the formally “untouchable” China, which, along with dismantling those many restrictions, has begun to reverse the exodus of manufacturing companies and lit a bonfire under America’s far-too-long dormant economy.

He has accomplished all this in spite of being constantly assaulted at every turn by those who are determined to un-elect President Trump by any and all means, fair or foul.


Which brings us to category two: the bad.

A prime example of this category is the Marxist-inspired radicals who are currently in charge of the Democratic Party and who are pushing their never-ending impeachment scam while giving the finger to We the People’s loud and unmistakable objections. Their parallel plan to guarantee Trump will not be re-elected is to flood the country with as many illegals as possible, while thwarting Trump’s efforts to close the border and stem the flow. This is intended to create a situation in which future elections would be wide open to illegal and fraudulently cast votes, with the end effect of eroding the American voter’s trust in our most basic right.

So, who do we have to thank for all the hard work and time spent on changing what
We the People have determined to be our wishes?

We find the answer in category three: the ugly.

While the term “ugly” is normally used to describe a physical feature, it can also
mean something depicting a feeling, as in, “He was in an ugly mood!”

However, considering the participants in our examples, you may wish to use both definitions where appropriate.

Let’s begin with the Democratic speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who allegedly calls all the political shots for her Democratic followers. While she is clearly as anxious as the rest of the Democratic Party to see Trump impeached, she is far too experienced and wise — and certainly old enough — to have not been successful in eliminating him during those three long years. “Why?” you might ask.

Because it’s obvious she’s lost all control and credibility as the leader of the Democratic Party, retaining it in name only. The true “pushers of the purge” are the members of the so-called Squad, headed by that glaring example of what a Marxist world looks like, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, or as her foul-mouthed followers refer to her, A.O.C. They have declared Pelosi too weak and too slow, so now they are calling the plays.

And dare I forget the always laughable, if not lovable, Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff!
If anyone needs a clearer definition of the word “ugly” as it pertains to both definitions, old “PN” is the perfect example. He has lied so often and openly that he doesn’t even appear to know when he’s doing it. It’s just something that seems to come naturally to him! As Forrest Gump would put it: “Ugly is as ugly does!”

And last, but way up there with the worst of ‘em, is the Fourth Estate, or “Press.” Their role in politics is extremely critical because, while it’s the politician who makes the poison, the “Press” delivers it right to your home, both in print and on TV!

I’ve purposely left out those candidates currently running for president, because they are only seeking the power, while those discussed here already have it.

Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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