A Counterintuitive Take on the Shutdown Give Trump Credit Where Credit is Due

| Opinion | January 31, 2019

by Ronald Nathan

Yes, Trump was playing checkers while Pelosi and Schumer were playing four-dimensional chess!

Yes, Trump ended up taking almost exactly what he could have gotten back in December.

Yes, Republican Senators were melting away and this could be portentous for Trump going forward.

Yes, politically the last thing the Congressional GOP wants is another shutdown in three weeks, while the Dems feel another shutdown can actually work for them politically.


Yes, the Trump campaign’s “Big Beautiful Wall from Sea to Shining Sea” has been reduced to a virtual high tech wall in a few strategic places … AKA, exactly what the Dems have been proposing all along.

Yes! Mexico paying for the wall? Forget about it!

Yes, Donald Trump is still a serial liar and an amoral human being who is only motivated by self-interest, putting self-interest before the interests of the nation, in my humble opinion.

YES, I’m really giving him credit!

Friday afternoon, Donald Trump actually acted like a real president. He assessed the realities of the situation, considered all his options and chose the smartest alternative for both himself and the nation.

He chose to act responsibly instead of throwing a temper tantrum. He knows, and we all know, that he’ll catch hell from the Ann Coulters of the world and will suffer short-term political damage, but if he refused to open the government, he would have lost so much more in the long term. Imagine his poll numbers if a plane crashed at a major airport during the shutdown!

By fall of 2020, the shutdown and his response to it will be a dim memory. He will be able to claim he fought the good fight, but the Dems and RINOs (republican in name only) defeated him and must be defeated by the voters. If the shutdown lasted much longer, he would have smelled more and more like dead meat. Now, he will survive to fight another day, as he has a much better sense of the person he will be confronting for the next two years in Nancy Pelosi.

The next big question will be whether he can get away with declaring an emergency where none really exists, and if the GOP – the party that supposedly stands for Constitutional Originalism, small government and AGAINST an Imperial Presidency – becomes the party of make-believe emergencies to bypass congress and subvert the Constitution.

The fact that we are even considering this question is proof positive that the party of Trump is not the party of Wm F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

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