A Wall Only God Can Tear Down

| Opinion | February 14, 2019

by Richard Hood

There’s a wall near completion. It’s more important than the border wall, as it’s growing inside our country. It’s designed to divide, not protect. Grown from seed, it becomes thorns and “tares,” the disguised weeds in our nation’s spiritual fields of “wheat.” Our real enemy hopes we forget we’re in a spiritual play, or war. One of his tactics: mock true religion and replace it with the counterfeit of leftism.

The only cure for anyone still a leftist today is a supernatural Great Awakening. Yet, that’s happened here twice, before two of our wars, but that’s glossed over by secular humanist teachers and text publishers. Rejecting objective truth, leftists judge others by their own thought processes, “projecting” onto the decent their own twisted thinking. It’s why they hypocritically call the backbone of America “deplorables.” After the one-two punch of the World Wars, our fathers didn’t want to talk about the indescribable consequences of sin – human carnage. What they saw was so shocking it severed the lines connecting life’s dots, which grouped together, form a sense-making picture of the world for us. These men wouldn’t talk, so the next generation never got their inheritance of values, which created a void of meaning and purpose; a vacuum. Nature abhorring vacuums, it was filled with lies because truths were not planted and nurtured. Let me put it more succinctly: spit out the truth, you swallow a lie. Plant good crop seeds in prepared soil or you’ll get only weeds. Our Fourth Estate, (media), acts as a “behind our lines” enemy or “fifth column,” fostering anti-Americanism along with their educational collaborators. Instead of moving to a socialist “paradise” like Venezuela, they stayed, like cancer cells, to educate today’s crop of broadcasters and teachers now indoctrinating our own children. This thorny wall, designed to sever us from our own kids and shared values, is being financed by … us. What a scheme, straight from the pit, agreed to by ballot.

Conservatives also have their share of blame, having put lifestyle before values and faith. You can observe one of both side’s biggest motivations by following the money (control). Financial markets are fueled by two emotions: fear and greed. They are flip sides of the same coin, counterfeited by our real enemy.The book of Isaiah warns of woe to those calling evil things as good, and vice versa, and also warns of being ruled by childish thinkers – welcome to America’s left. Proverbs says condemning the righteous while letting the guilty slide is an abomination – just read today’s headlines.

But old truths are meaningless, right? Your truth for you and my truth for me. Believing such subjective pabulum is it an excuse to avoid life as an adult. I have a saying: “Sin makes stupid.” Healthy cells must override (by over-voting) deadly ones or a civilization, let alone a nation, will die. Such nation-ending is what your kids are being told they should actually want in order to think themselves as decent people, despite your fathers dying for the opposite. Wake up, your fathers were scum to the left, just as you are the second you question them, which you should be doing.Teaching decades in public schools, I witnessed each step of change. It’s not worth your convenience or the injustice of wasted taxes – get your kids out of these family hating and America hating institutions ASAP. You wouldn’t feed your kids poisoned food just because it was “free.” You don’t want your children misinterpreting everything you say as a micro-aggression or “dog whistle” (which, being humans made in God’s image, we aren’t even designed to hear).


This Progressive-planted wall, watered in the ‘60s, isn’t designed to protect those we love by keeping those we don’t know out, as we do with our front doors. Rather, this thorny hedge grows inside us individually and nationally. Do you feel freer to speak your mind today than a year ago? How about to even think freely, without fear of your words and motives being pre-judged due to your skin, race, age or gender – more or less free a year from now? All due to the left’s (the true racists) “projection.” They can live with themselves only by finding made-up “deplorables,” a non-existent straw man, to make their own natures seem better in comparison.

Why use your liberty to vote for leftists who want to take your liberty away? This is the wall to be concerned about. It will encroach ever-more oppressively, except by a move of the Spirit of He who tore the temple veil from top to bottom that separated you from Him. There are good walls and bad, and the discernment needed to judge between them is a God given gift that is rejected at our own peril.

Richard Hood is a retired history teacher.

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