Agenda 21, the Green New Deal and The Mob

| Opinion | March 21, 2019

By Betty Arenson

Recently, a commentary in the opinion section of another publication was printed on the topic of the Left’s Green New Deal. The author also made reference to the link between the GND and Agenda 21.

Irrespective of the author’s cited sources and information, along with her conclusions and opinions (it is an opinion page), the commentary, the newspaper’s editor and owners, the title of the weekly column and the GOP in general were irresponsibly and viciously attacked. The commentary’s content was accused of being “right-wing conspiracy theories.” It cannot be viewed because it’s been deleted from the website. Thank you, Mob.

There are two sides of opinions: the conservative American Policy Center has one view of Agenda 21, and the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center has another. One unit does not cancel out the other; one only has to look at what we are seeing in our own backyard these days.
Agenda 21 is a fact. Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Goals are not conspiracy theories, but published UN sustainability objectives. With that, I also give you the following, and you can decide for yourselves.

The Mob’s hit piece against the article will be addressed later.


It is no surprise that not everyone has heard of Agenda 21, irrespective of the program being 27 years old. In short, it’s all about “sustainability.”

For example: seventeen goals are listed in Sustainable Development Goals, which can be found on the Sustainable Development Goals Wikipedia page. “Goal 5: Gender equality” states, “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.” Sound familiar? There are plenty of sources that have written on the matter (easy Google search) and some will be cited here.

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is the Local Government for Sustainability, i.e. “a global network of cities, towns and regions committed to building a sustainable future.” (Wikipedia)

Agenda 21 is a non-binding plan of the United Nations regarding “sustainable development.” It arose out of a meeting in Brazil in 1992 at the Earth Summit/UN Conference on Environment and Development. About 178 nations attended that summit. “It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels.” (Wikipedia).

According to an article published by the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) entitled “Agenda 21? What is Agenda 21?”: “Most people have never heard of Agenda 21. If they have heard of it, they likely believe it to be a vague United Nations program that will never see the light of day, or they believe it is imagined by conspiracy theorists. Yet, the principles contained in Agenda 21 are at the heart of many of our federal programs since the late 1990s. They reach every corner of the United States and impact millions of Americans who don’t even realize the document exists.”

“President George H. Bush, along with leaders from 177 other nations, signed onto this “non-binding” UN action plan that was purportedly designed to assist governments at the local, national and international level implement (sic) the principles of so-called “sustainable development.” The “21” in the name refers to the 21st Century.”

“… the following year when President Clinton quietly established the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD). The PCSD codified Agenda 21 into U.S. policy through a program called Sustainable America. Today, nearly all federal programs dealing with land management, education, environment and much more are linked to Agenda 21 through Sustainable America.”

“Because of grassroots pushback, the federal government today rarely uses the term Agenda 21 or Sustainable America anymore – especially with any program it is promoting (emphasis added). Instead, programs which administer Agenda 21’s sustainable development principles are given warm and fuzzy titles like the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative, Partnership for Sustainable Communities, Obama’s Climate Action Plan and many more. Even the newest education fad, Common Core, is linked to Agenda 21, as are the new Next Generation Science Standards.
Another group called “Democrats against Agenda 21” is headed by Rosa Koire, who wrote, “UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.  INVENTORY AND CONTROL.” (https://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/.)

This is how Rosa Koire describes herself: “[I’ve] been a Democrat since I was registered to vote . . . I’m anti-war, I’m gay, I’m [a] feminist.”

“Google has over 300 million references to Agenda 21, yet it’s hard for most people to get the truth about Agenda 21 because of the truckloads of smoke and misinformation generated by government bureaucrats and the progressive media. This UN program is indeed real and it is an affront to our personal liberties. Agenda 21 is supposedly designed to make the world “sustainable” by limiting human activities that environmental extremists believe are harming the planet. That may sound fine to many people – until they understand what it means in practice. In order to protect the environment, Agenda 21 instructs governments to micromanage virtually all human activity – which the governments either severely restrict, or regulate to the point that such activity can be minimized.”

According to “Excerpt, UN Agenda 21” from Green-Agenda.com: “Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.”

Now, let’s look at some of the text of the Green New Deal as hyped by Democrats with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leading the way. This following bill can be retrieved from www.congress.gov:

Introduced in House (02/07/2019)
“This resolution calls for the creation of a Green New Deal with the goals of:

  • achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions;
  • establishing millions of high-wage jobs and ensuring economic security for all;
  • investing in infrastructure and industry;
  • securing clean air and water, climate and community resiliency, healthy food, access to nature, and a sustainable environment for all; and
  • promoting justice and equality.

The resolution calls for accomplishment of these goals through a 10-year national mobilization effort. The resolution also enumerates the goals and projects of the mobilization effort, including:

  • building smart power grids (i.e., power grids that enable customers to reduce their power use during peak demand periods);
  • upgrading all existing buildings and constructing new buildings to achieve maximum energy and water efficiency;
  • removing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation and agricultural sectors;
  • cleaning up existing hazardous waste and abandoned sites;
  • ensuring businesspersons are free from unfair competition; and
  • providing higher education, high-quality health care, and affordable, safe, and adequate housing to all.”

The GND, in part calls for:

  • basically, any craft that spews any degree of nasty stuff will be banned from use. Ships, boats, yachts;
  • we will pay for every existing building structure to be “green” upgraded;
  • will expand high-speed rail (going to Hawaii and Europe should be fun … and challenging);
  • eliminate flatulent cows (then what animal?);
  • *I strongly suggest that flatulence will never match that which is coming out of Washington D.C.;
  • provide a guaranteed federal government job to all who cannot or “will not work”;
  • mandate universal “free” healthcare”;

Presently, we have government officials telling us that we:

  • cannot use plastic straw;
  • cannot purchase cups of soda over 16 oz.;
  • have gadgets on our utility meters giving “them” control of our resources;
  • have to use certain light bulbs;
  • have to buy/use certain toilets;
  • are now on notice that air travel in the not-so-far future will disappear;
  • are limited to what kind of vehicle to drive;
  • must have certain solar apparatuses on a new house roofs;

Are you getting picture? Now: The Mob.

Their Mob is the rabble that wreaks havoc when they cannot control everything and everyone. If they cannot change others to adopt their mindset or demands, they will use every cruel and malicious tactic possible to minimize or destroy “the enemy.” Intimidation, threats and if needed, violence, is theirs. Remember the dangerous acts against Tucker Carlson’s home and family or The Mob physically clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court?

In the case of the opinion page commentary, an outrageous website was used to maliciously broadcast garbage and cherry-pick info, attacking everything they could point at … everything that wasn’t them. Yes, the Keyboard Commando(s) went to work in fevered mode … intimidation and slime is the name of the game.

The lesson to be learned is DO NOT capitulate to The Mob; ceding one little millimeter results in their taking ten miles. They cannot be partnered with, trusted, satisfied or rationally dealt with. Surrendering, yielding or submitting to them in any way whatsoever is emboldening and they then tout cowardice. Second lesson to be learned: The Mob never gives in and they never give up, but that does not mean they have lasting strength, unless others give it to them. They are loud and appear forceful, but there’s no need to hand them anything.

We are in the United States of America. We get to read, share ideas and have opinions free of The Mob who intend to dominate our minds, thoughts, opinions, ideas and actions.

In the end, you can be your own person, or let someone else dictate your being. You have a choice.

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  1. Thank you for this excellent post. Awareness is the first step in the Resistance.
    Rosa Koire

  2. This is satire right? Because if you are serious I hope you have an appointment with a doctor or psychiatrist on your calendar. “The mob” you speak of is working towards preserving our planet and it’s resourses. It seeks to ensure people can’t exploit resources today, leaving future generations to suffer the consequences. If you find that offensive or wrong you are most definitely a sociopath of comic book villian proportions.

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