An Epiphany in Old Town San Diego

| Opinion | January 3, 2019

by Stephen Smith

I bring you tidings of great joy, for I have encountered a spark of liberty on Boxing Day while having lunch at a Mexican restaurant located in Old Town San Diego.

When our waiter delivered my iced tea with extra lemon, (I very rarely have alcoholic beverages, although I do like a good margarita) I requested a straw, which restaurants are now allowed to provide only upon request, stating that I was acting in defiance of the EPA and Coastal Commission. He leaned forward and whispered that he just did not understand why straws were restricted when used straws do not end up in the ocean, they end up in landfills. My response was that the purpose of the new law was fundamentally not about protecting the environment. That was only a distraction; the real purpose was for the governmental elite to have control and dominance over the people.

With the quiet intensity of a disciple who was consumed by a recent epiphany, he leaned over, held perfectly still and softly spoke some of his recently realized truth, “They are taking away more and more of our liberty every day, and doing it one step at a time!”

For me, it was as if our small corner table became bathed in the glow of enlightenment. I just could not stop smiling. Who was this thirty-something Hispanic waiter? What was his story, where did he emanate from? I had to ask. It turns out he was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States, where he became a citizen. Since leftists now dominate education, like those of us who understand the need and power of the dream that was brought to us by our founding fathers and the dangers of leftist-progressive democrat policy, he began to study on his own. He told me several of the books that have influenced his thinking. I recommended to him “The Road to Serfdom” (1944) by Friedrich Hayek of the Austrian School. We both appreciated the lessons that can be learned from reading George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “1984.”


It has been my experience that there is a big difference between the thinking of people immigrating to the United States to follow the American Dream and working to build a new life, versus those who come to America to only seek work and escape poverty. The first has heard the gentle siren call of liberty and freedom, while the latter is simply trying to survive. Both usually have fled from a country with an oppressive politically leftist (re: socialist or communist) government.

Those who came to embrace the American Dream are the first to recognize our countries step-by-step loss of liberty, and are outraged because they recognize that we are on “The Road to Serfdom” that will eventually turn America into the same type of society that they risked everything to escape.

Those who came seeking survival usually have only known a statist government their whole lives, and when they become citizens, they are more comfortable voting for candidates who embrace the Socialism they knew back home. Is there any question why our leftist-progressive democrats elected are willing to risk the welfare and safety of our country to prevent effective border control and well-regulated immigration policies?

Open borders lead to more leftist voters, which results in an expansion of power. I embrace those who wish to follow the rules and come to our remarkable country, and who are also dedicated to following the American Dream. I have compassion for those who are suffering. We should contribute to their basic welfare by helping with their food and medical needs as an act of charity. We should do what we can for them in their home countries. We even can issue short-term work permits for those who are able to do work in areas where we have labor shortages. However, we simply cannot take care of everyone who wishes to come to America without a likelihood of being self-supporting. Remember, under President Obama, our national debt doubled to over 20 trillion dollars. The Republicans have done little to turn the coming debt disaster around.

Oh yes, by the way, San Diego has had a border wall for years. Sorry Mr. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi, though not perfect, in San Diego, the wall has worked. The same is true everywhere else it has been tried. Please stop lying to the American people and pass the funding. Go ahead and call it a fence or a barrier and call it a victory over Trump. (He will sign it under a different title.)

In closing, I would like to give a shout out to Corey, who posted a very interesting comment on my writing under “Doug’s Rants.” For the most part, he was very kind and complimentary. However, he took umbrage with my using the term “Leftist-Progressive Democrats.” He objected to his perception that I was lumping all Democrats together and that he had friends and family that are good people and left-leaning Democrats.

I use the term of Leftist-progressive with very specific intent. I do not take it lightly. It is very different from today’s meaning of liberal. Certainly, today’s Republicans, such as George Bush, are to the left of Democrat John F. Kennedy. The issue is touchy, because most of my liberal friends define their political position as whom they are as a human being. Challenge their politics and you challenge their humanity. That leaves us with a common view of the left that those who believe in original intent Constitution are evil, while Conservatives believe that those who embrace the ideas of socialist and Marxist policies as wrongheaded.

The Leftist-progressives are the ones who embrace Marxist policies which have caused historically untold death and suffering. Socialism sounds good, but has been proven again and again to be evil. They have become obsessed with power, reject the individual and embrace the collective to achieve their ends. So, thank you Corey for your kind comments, and I apologize to your liberal friends if there was any confusion. To better understand, may I suggest that you get on the web and look at this article. It helped guide my thinking and usage of this term.

“Leftism Is Not Liberalism” by Dennis Prager, published Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017.

The year 2019 is looking to be an interesting time. God bless us, everyone!

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