An Open Letter to the City Council

| Opinion | June 11, 2020

Dear Mayor Smyth, Pro Tem Mayor Miranda, Councilwoman Weste and Councilwoman McClean;

This communication is written and sent to you as a Santa Clarita citizen and voter concerning yet another event of smearing and trying to oust long-serving Councilman Bob Kellar. It’s the same song being sung a different day.

As you are probably well aware, there is a certain element in the SCV of a few very vocal, and evil people that are mired in malevolence. Just like the national level, they want our community, that is in tip-top shape, to be run by their kind and destructively run into the ground like everything else they touch.

Because Bob Kellar is willing to address, versus hide from, unpopular topics that need to be tackled (such as the subject of sanctuary cities) therefore he is a favorite and continuing target. Bob does not ride the fence; he makes a decision, states it clearly and those are the exact reasons the aforementioned crowd continue to debase him.

Bob Kellar loves this city and this valley and in that interest, has certainly taken a lot of unnecessary hostility for that positivity.


My husband and I fully support Bob Kellar to finish out the few months of last his term (which makes all of this so senseless and idiotic). It’s the full-on display of incurable hate on behalf of rabble-rousers that wish to destroy and re-make the SCV. They use their insufferable abhorrence to intimidate and harass with the aim to keep everyone else silent. Do not give into them because you can never appease them.

I would urge each and every one of you to openly support Bob Kellar in serving out the remaining months of his 2020 term.

Thank you,

Betty Arenson

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