An Undiagnosed Illness Immobilizing Our Country

| Opinion | August 8, 2019

by William Tozzi

If you were wondering why an out-of-control debate about a presidential election is dragging on for such a long time, you are not alone. However, I have a theory about what’s causing it, and wish to shed some light upon the reason.

In my quest, I’ve discovered a top-secret, undiagnosed and fatal virus running rampant and tearing this country apart. It’s real, it’s true and it’s being spread across the United States by a covert foreign entity, using aerosol attacks, particularly in the Washington, D.C. area.

It’s a devastating illness because it causes both political and academic lunacy. It severely affects the brain, vocal cords and hearing. It filters out the truth, hinders understanding of what’s happening in the real world and stifles civil conversation. It causes negative and hostile thinking, distracting the country’s attention away from what really needs to be done.

It’s a new mode of biological warfare, using a non-detectible strain. The virus is intended to cause self-destruction of our society from within. There will be no reason for any foreign invasion, because we will collapse from the inside.


This illness is scientifically called the Ego Sum Stultus Virus – translation: I Am Stupid Virus.

Those infected are oblivious they have been in contact with this deadly virus. It causes unrecognizable aggression and violence, as it eats away at their soul.

This is my analysis and explanation of why the country is disintegrating, of why we are in such terrible shape today. I wonder how we can ever survive?

How will we choose to fight this infection? We can follow the usual plan of attack, blaming each other, calling each other nasty names and ignoring the real problem. Instead of moving ahead, we are obsessed with false and dishonest issues of impeachment, conspiracy, obstruction and collusion. We use words like bigot and racist to describe anyone who disagrees with us. Persistent uninhibited use of all those words is making them meaningless and renders all arguments absurd.

In addition, colleges and universities are no longer teaching, but indoctrinating the fertile minds of the students.

The virus is causing a lot of false discourse about our history. Our heritage is said to be racist, our founding fathers are said to have been bigoted.

“In God we trust” has become a stale old phrase, no longer relevant these days. Why should we stand for the National Anthem? Why should we have borders? Who needs laws? Morals and citizenship, no longer have any meaning. Our country is spiraling out of control.

The disease is turning the nation up-side-down. We’re changing the laws of nature, redefining gender We support killing unborn babies. We’re making marriage and families a thing of the past. Respect and kindness are no longer achievable. Honesty is gone. Forget about the truth, facts don’t matter anymore. Sanity and common sense no longer exist. There is no longer respect for authority. A clueless socialist world is ready to commence.

If I am somehow mistaken about the virus causing this stupidity, then, unfortunately, all those who display symptoms are not really infected, but are actually that ridiculous. They really believe their un-American, disrespectful and obsessive mind-set should be shared by everyone in this country.

I can only speak about what is happening today. I tremble about what tomorrow will bring. Global warming will end the world in 12 years. If the socialists become in charge, the end will come a lot sooner Heaven help us.

My heart goes out to all of those afflicted by this dreadful malady and pray they can find a way to recover. I hope they can manage to control their rage and direct their efforts to unifying America and returning it back to the greatest country on earth.

Although some of my analysis may be sarcastic, I believe truth will prevail and justice will be served

Copyright 2019, William Tozzi, Golden Pen Writers Guild, Santa Clarita, CA

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