Ben Shapiro vs. the Far-Left Goliath

| Opinion | April 18, 2019

by Eric Goldin

I don’t know if the Biblical story of David vs. Goliath ever actually happened, but I do know that we’re facing a very real modern situation akin to this great legend. Social Justice Warriors, the far-leftist fringe of the Democrat party, are gaining political power at a very rapid and horrifying pace. In fact, we should no longer actually label them as a fringe group.

Unfortunately, they’ve been able to masterfully brainwash the younger generation into accepting their views and have been able to become mainstream. People like Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez and llhan Omar have been elected to congress. These Social Marxists now have the power in the palm of their hands to create policy that will affect America and the rest of the world for decades to come. The youth has unfortunately fully embraced this Social Justice Warrior nonsense. The future of America has accepted pure foolishness. Make no mistake about it; the politically correct who falsely scream “racism” “sexism” “bigotry” at the drop of a hat have created a monstrosity. Universities have actually legitimized nonsense words like “microaggressions” and “Islamophobia.” These Social Justice Warriors are not only great in number, but they have the complete backing of academia at their disposal. Fighting this is going to be an enormous challenge. On the outside, it looks almost unwinnable. Reasonable people are heavy underdogs in this fight.

Thankfully somebody has risen to the call of duty. A nerdy little Orthodox Jewish man who always wears a yarmulke on his head has come to the rescue. His name is Ben Shapiro. Despite being short and physically unintimidating, just like King David, he uses the weapon he has been blessed with to destroy leftist fools. King David had a slingshot, but Ben Shapiro has something much more potent than that. He has his brain! Ben Shapiro is one of the most intelligent political commentators in America today. When he was in school, he was such a prodigy that he skipped two grades. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in political science before moving on to study at Harvard, where he graduated cum laude with a degree in law. Ben Shapiro’s motto is facts don’t care about your feelings! He can brilliantly argue the facts about any situation, and he easily wipes the floor with the overly emotional, nonsensical arguments of his leftist opponents. Ben has the capacity to remember tons of facts, data and statistics, along with a plethora of geo-political history, and wrap them all up in an easily understandable, neat little package whenever he’s debating somebody on any particular issue.

Ben first gained notoriety when he debated Pierce Morgan in early 2013 on CNN regarding gun control. Pierce Morgan’s riled-up emotional rhetoric had no substance. Ben easily knocked out Pierce with some simple facts and logic, combined with a little bit of wit and cheek. Many pompous leftists since have tried to bring down the mighty Ben Shapiro. They have all failed miserably. He’s frequently speaking in front of hostile crowds and can effortlessly pick apart the errors of any erroneous claim. With a wave of a hand, he can make someone look like a total fool. In the summer of 2017, Ben even debated Cenk Uygur (founder and main host of the far-left propaganda internet show The Young Turks), a man who looks like a literal Goliath, defeating him with grace.


To view Ben at work, there are numerous clips on YouTube of him engaging in debate with far-leftists, and him completely annihilating them every single time. Many former people who were far-leftists at one point in their life have been brought back to sanity, thanks to Ben.

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