Billy Graham’s Solution to Guns – Hands Up!

| Opinion | March 9, 2018

By Richard Hood

Billy Graham never claimed to be perfect, but he had the perfect solution to many of our nation’s ills, and he got to the root of the viral infection rather than suggesting ineffective Band-Aids.

Do we really think a young psychopath off his meds, who perjures himself on Federal documents so as to purchase a weapon to deliberately and mercilessly murder friends and strangers, is prone to start obeying new gun laws? It’s interesting how many school shooters are middle class Caucasian males. Are other groups not drugging their kids, or are they just making sure their kids don’t go off their meds?

If we aren’t prepared to obey simple but even higher laws like God’s (“treat others as you would like to be treated”) why would we expect others, especially those fascinated by mass murder to do so? If we ourselves have rejected multiple “come to Jesus” invitations, because we refuse to surrender our own fallen nature to be transformed into what was planned for us before creation, should we expect something better from the selfish rebellion of the evil shooters? It’s a universal human condition demonstrably unsolvable by human law. If we aren’t willing to obey the higher laws we already have, we too own a share in the morally polluted air our society currently breathes.

It’s been half-jokingly said that when seconds count, the police take just minutes to arrive – just in time to start writing the report. It’s also been said that the guns they carry are to protect themselves, not us. So why does the government which admits it can’t protect us, refuse to allow us to protect ourselves and keep our families from being slaughtered in some theater? Where is the outrage about that outrage? Why has our military personnel been allowed to suffer the agonies of killing and being killed in the name of supporting our liberties, when our basic right to life is denied?

I can think of one county that deliberately drags its feet in order to deny citizens a concealed carry permit that the court ruled was a citizen’s right. And we wonder why psychos don’t obey laws when the law is ignored by our own sheriffs. They swore an oath to defend the Constitution but apparently that’s only when they want to, which is when it benefits them, rather than those they’ve sworn to serve and protect. Some sheriffs recently did allow citizens to conceal carry, but only those citizens that contributed large sums to their campaign. Isn’t that stealing our rights and then selling them back to us? Is that protecting the Constitution?


We will become an increasingly secular society, with less reason to follow the golden rule, let alone any other morality, or we will listen to Graham’s admonishments to return to the Judeo-Christian value system which made this unique nation possible. Our republic is a great experiment, but as Benjamin Franklin warned, we only have a republic, if we can keep it. Have we kept it? In a republic, our elected representatives, whether sheriffs, county supervisors, or senators (who also swore oaths to uphold the Constitution) are supposed to represent us, not represent the lobbyists that contribute to their campaigns, or we only have a pretend republic with (at best) pretend representatives. Franklin also warned against trading liberties for safety, predicting the resultant loss of both.

We are too lazy to recall these immoral liars, in fact we often re-elect these same oath breakers. We have surrendered our responsibilities of self-government both personally and societally, and have traded our rights, preferring convenience. Things won’t get better if we don’t want to get better ourselves. We can’t have a healthy body politic if that body’s cells are rogue or malignant.

As for new laws, why not make it illegal for lightening (sic) to strike? Lightening (sic) kills more people than mass shooters. But I understand, people “feel” they have to do “something.” It’s just always the lazy, “somebody else do something to protect me” that the frightened demand. Why not fight to make ourselves safer and stop being such wimps? Why not fight to make our country more free, and fight our own nature so as to become more moral, more accountable to God? That’s it – we don’t want to be accountable, which is why we won’t submit our will to anything that demands a moral lifestyle, yet we expect, even demand, that others treat us according to the same golden rule we refuse others. Adolescent is too kind a word, as is juvenile. Maybe infantile. Definitely rebellious, as in sinful.

If we are lefties, we may want to “transform” this country as Obama said, but not realize that the country is made of individuals. Are we willing to be transformed individually? If not, let’s stop asking others to transform an entire country. If we are willing, into whose image will we be transformed? Can we think of anyone better than Jesus to become like? If we are on the right, we may feel government isn’t the solution, but rather as Reagan said, the problem. We may feel it can’t transform itself or anything else for the good. Both sides need to see that transformation is necessary for our survival, and agree that it’s a supernatural occurrence that requires acknowledging being a fallen creature with a redeeming creator waiting, and expecting. Waiting for us to allow His changing us. We’ve had two Great Awakenings so far in our history. We need a third.

Yes, the solution doesn’t lie in others, it begins with you and me, whether it’s the gun solution or any other problem. Yes, Billy Graham was spot on. We need to come to Jesus figuratively and literally, collectively and personally. And we need to bring others with us. We can stop making excuses and fulfill the simple law of love – love for God and our neighbor, or we can stay a part of the problem we decry, and keep electing the character-challenged, then demanding they solve the problems the roots of which lie in ourselves.

Richard Hood is a retired teacher who successfully denied his teacher union’s using his dues to war against family values. Instead, his dues went to evangelical and pro-life ministries of his own choosing.

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