California Killing Itself

| Opinion | May 21, 2020

by Rob Werner

There are many participants killing California in our reaction to Coronavirus. Perpetrators of this crime include Governor Newsom, Dr. Fauci, the media and we the people.

During crisis we rely on government leaders for direction and solutions. Politicians rely on the media to improve their popularity. The media relies on hyping fear and crises to increase viewership. They recognize that people have a short attention span. People do not trust the media but are constantly driven by its misinformation. This explains why Democrat Governors in the worst performing states have increased their popularity while Republicans in the best performing states have suffered. Most major news stories since Trump was elected were based of fabrications. When the lie becomes too obvious, a new crisis is created.

With your own research, you may discover that coronavirus is highly infectious but only spread by people suffering from the disease (with fever). Mandated masks do more harm than good. There is no proof that an infected person without signs of the disease can spread the disease. Disease germs may spread to objects such as doors and packages but there is no support that contact with will be deadly.

Dr. Fauci’s Senate testimony was that of a doctor and a politician. He sought common ground with whoever asked a question as if auditioning for a job with the next administration. This expert who downplayed possible treatments for the virus supported Governor’s decisions to keep schools closed despite there being no evidence that opening schools would create a danger. He speculated that something we do not yet know might become a problem. In other words – let our fear of the unknown rule our lives.


Coronavirus did not spread or kill as predicted. In Italy over seven percent of the casualties were people over 70, most with preexisting conditions. In the U.S. mandated board and care facility housing of infected led to 39% of the fatalities. Confining the elderly, reducing their activities, and preventing visits from relatives and friends – their advocates does not protect the elderly.
Despite the claim that killing our economy is part of Democrat election strategy, the truth is likely that Governor Newsom has caught the panic mentality perpetrated by the press and views the crises as an opportunity to transform California. As a progressive globalist, he seeks to assist people taking advantage of open borders, the homeless and dependent versus capitalists.

Newsom used this as an opportunity to move the homeless into hotels without consideration of the damage to our tourist industry. His sympathy for the “oppressed” led him to release prisoners and provide additional funds to illegals. He is afraid to open California too soon as he might be blamed for future deaths. Like so many politicians he enjoys autocratic authority.

There can never be guarantees that no death will occur after opening our economy. There is strong evidence that it can and should be open. Taiwan, with a population of about 24 million and territory the size of South Carolina has less than 50 confirmed cases and seven deaths? Its schools, businesses and restaurants are open. While for most businesses it has mask and alcohol wipe protocols, its success is due to temperature scans at entrances for fevers and housing in place those infected.

This is not rocket science. Look at the facts. Let go of your fears. There is no reason why we cannot go back to business as usual with the safeguards of temperature scanning and those infected sheltering in place. We need to allow all businesses including entertainment facilities to reopen now!

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