China’s Undeclared War with the U.S.

| Opinion | October 29, 2019

by Rob Werner

China has been at war with us since it became communist. When the Chinese appeared to adopt capitalism, trade began.

However, the capitalism China subscribes to is Nazi – national socialism on steroids. Whereas American capitalism has morphed into crony corporate capitalism in which the government directs business to political contributors, the Chinese government dictates policy and survival requirements for businesses within its realm. China operates as a communist business.

The Chinese aid our enemies. Their army is 50% larger. A million people are in concentration camps. Religions are persecuted. It’s illegal for them to congregate. China is a dictatorship without a free press. Their culture generates obedience to the state, dishonesty and theft in business, and a false face and demeanor to the outside world. They are the worst polluters. Workers are often treated like slave labor. There are no unions and no OSHA. They are racist. They prohibit foreign employees from utilizing facilities open to locals. They generate a billion dollars from the forced harvest of body parts. They do everything within their power to damage the U.S. and become the world’s dictator.
Let’s count the ways.

  1. But for Chinese support, North Korea would have collapsed.
  2. They invent, produce and export opiates such as fentanyl to the U.S., addicting and killing Americans.
  3. They manufacture and export generic prescription drugs with deficient standards, jeopardizing lives.
  4. They counterfeit millions of our currency.
  5. They money launder ten billion dollars a year in the U.S.
  6. They conduct 90% of known corporate espionage in the U.S. In 2018 it was determined that they caused almost nine billion dollars of damage in one field.
  7. They promote theft of corporate secrets, disinformation, political indoctrination and election interference in our country.
  8. Through price fixing, currency manipulation, free trade their way , international US postal rates cheaper than domestic and monopolistic practices, they successfully destroyed most competing American factories.
  9. They invited remaining major world and American businesses to invest and do business in China, creating a model where they could steal the companies’ business procedure, copy products and produce similar products at a lower rate.
  10. They make major corporations from Disney to Microsoft dependent on Chinese labor, and thus afraid of offending the Chinese dictatorship.
  11. They established dependency on Chinese production and an annual trade deficit for the U.S. amounting to $378.6 billion in 2018.
  12. Moneys from the trade deficit are used to buy influence, gain interest in ownership of our corporations and build on their efforts to take control of outstanding markets. We built the Panama Canal; President Carter gave it to Panama and Panama sold major ports on both ends to China.
  13. When China didn’t have a movie industry, they just stole work. Now they finance the production. They dictate required biases and policies, and blacklist actors and others from working who participate in a production that offends their ideology.
  14. Our dollar is still the reserve currency for 62% of the world. It contributes to our being the strongest economy in the world. They wish to destroy the dollar and replace it with a Chinese controlled currency.
  15. Nike manufactures their shoes in China. Most of the information companies have major investments in China, making them all subject to China dictating anti-American views and limits on freedom of expression.
  16. They bribe and blackmail politicians. The FBI discovered that China hacked Hillary’s e-mail. Political families are generating income from China.

Maybe we would be better off with no Chinese trade.


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