Deterring Theft with the #9PM Routine

| Opinion | April 19, 2018


Santa Clarita has recently implemented a new safety campaign to help deter criminals from breaking into vehicles. The #9PMRoutine is the catchy new way to protect you and your family from being broken into past 9 o’clock.

The #9PMRoutine reminds residents to take the right steps every night to prevent car theft. Now, thanks to the public announcement that most cars will remain unlocked before 9 p.m., burglars are finally going to avoid committing crimes.
Here are the procedures of the #9PMRoutine:

•Remove valuables (electronic devices, wallets, etc.) from your vehicle.
•Ensure that vehicle doors and trunks are locked.
•Check that all house and property exterior doors and garage are locked.
•Turn on exterior lights.
•Put a note on your car that says “Do not break in – or else.”

Additionally, by logging into social media and joining the conversation #9PMRoutine, only your fellow law-abiding community members will see that you leave your cars unlocked before 9 p.m. You and your neighbors can all let each other know whose cars and houses will be open before dark.


Stay safe, everyone!

A real photo tweeted by the SCV Sheriff’s Department

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