Environmentalists are Killing the Environment

| Opinion | August 29, 2019

by Rob Werner

This article is not about global warming, it is about pollution. Everyone is against pollution. It’s just a question of what actions we are willing to take to reduce or eliminate it.

Many passionate environmentalists have been enlisted and conned by special interests and big businesses to support agendas that are increasing pollution in the guise of saving the environment.

Remember when stores started charging for paper bags to encourage the use of recyclable and cloth bags? Yet the paper was made from wood which was renewable, could be harvested and nature would compost it. In California plastic straws are banned but this results in more plastic used in drink covers.

Businesses and wealthy people who claim to be environmentalists justify the massive amounts of pollution they generate by claiming that their financial contributions to environmental causes neutralizes their carbon footprint.
To save our environment, we have been compelled to promote battery operated vehicles, corn and vegetable produced fuel, such as ethanol, and solar panels. However, our environmental laws make local production of these things either prohibitive or much cheaper elsewhere. Manufacturing batteries creates so much pollution that they are rarely made in the U.S. The government mandates compel the purchase of ethanol and solar panels, but most of these products are produced in countries that do not have our concern over pollution. They are made in high polluting countries for less than we can make them here.


The Paris Accord purported purpose was to reduce emissions; however, it exempted and had different standards for “developing” countries including China. It also fostered the myth that one can mitigate a carbon footprint by contributing to some cause or endeavor. President Trump said that it undermined our economy and put the U.S. on a permanent trade disadvantage. He pulled us out of the agreement.

The Paris Accord gives special treatment to China and other countries that rank at the top of the scale for pollution. They are not required to meet the same environmental standards as other countries. A recent report shows China contributing 27.2% of global CO2 emissions compared to the U.S. with 14.6%. China is also the main polluter of oceans. It produces over 300 times the pollution the U.S. does. Small countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Egypt and Thailand are also sources of major ocean contamination, all producing far more contamination than the U.S.

Why aren’t nations and environmental leaders more concerned about the massive amounts of pollution being generated in China as well as smaller manufacturing countries? Big businesses in leading worldwide industries have transferred production to China and other developing countries. They share in creating the pollution and reap greater profits by not competing with smaller local businesses that must conform to local environmental laws.

Americans who care about our environment enough to demand tough U.S. pollution standards need to realize that creating and enforcing standards on a local basis hurt our country if they don’t equally apply to other producing countries.

Perhaps the solution is to ban or tariff imports that do not meet our standards. This would raise the cost of imported products, but it would also equalize the trade market and reduce our trade deficit.

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