Freedom and Free Enterprise: Casualties of Coronavirus War?

| Opinion | April 2, 2020

by Rob Werner

Consequences of the Coronavirus War include lost civil rights, elimination of property rights, and massive government power.

Progressives perpetually glorify people’s rights but in reaction to disasters promote surrender. They have little faith people can solve their own problems

Our Great Depression led to Roosevelt’s progressive administration. Income tax rate advanced to 94 percent (Roosevelt didn’t achieve his desired 100 percent rate for incomes over $25,000.) Inheritance tax went to 77 percent. Progressive’s cure for the depression was suppression of wealth and private spending and replacing it with big daddy government. We achieved government dependency and depression until WWII.

During WWII, progressives dictated what news the press covered. These promoters of liberty favored incarcerating Japanese and German Americans.


The Progressives’ reaction to the Coronavirus War is to push the president to utilize war powers and authoritarian actions and abandon guaranteed rights and free enterprise. There is an excitement among their ranks with a realization that government power is almost absolute and when they take back the Presidency, they will via Executive Orders be able to restructure our economic and political systems.

Democrats debate between Sander’s type of socialism with nationalized industries and the National Socialism with industrial control via government investments and political partnerships.
We’re informed that there’s a shortage of masks and ventilators needed for treatment. The U.S. has a mask reserve for pandemics. During the Obama administration, the swine flu epidemic utilized 100 million from reserves. Obama failed to replace them. New York’s Governor Cuomo demanded that ventilators be provided by the Feds immediately and implied that Trump could solve this by using war powers to take over industries and force their immediate manufacture. What Cuomo doesn’t say is that in 2015 his administration refused purchasing 16,000 recommended as necessary to prepare for a pandemic. Nor does he acknowledge that government management slows industrial production.

A President Bernie Sanders would have nationalized airlines and other businesses, guaranteed public housing and “free” medical care for everyone. Information related to shortages and delays would be suppressed as against public interest.

The Obama – Biden – Clinton faction would bail out business with government controls making them servants to a political – expectantly partisan purpose.

The Republicans face a moral dilemma. They recognize that the economy must be shored up to prevent a depression. But they’re uncomfortable with the abuse of liberties and government power. They know that quick action is required. They recognize no legislation occurs without Pelosi’s approval. No approval comes without including leftist goals.

The resulting legislation helps and hurts our economy. While infusing trillions of dollars into our economy, we get a three hundred fifty million immigrant welfare package and unemployment benefits containing financial incentives to remain unemployed. We have numerous pork barrels like twenty-five million to the Kennedy Center and seventy-five million to public broadcasting.

Democrats want to bail out the postal service, force more businesses to unionize, and make vote harvesting (people depositing hundreds of ballots) national. Pelosi’s still pushing additional funding for Planned Parenthood’s abortions.

We need to remember that government is spending unearned funds, money produced by manipulation rather than productivity. Ultimately the cost will be borne by working Americans.

We’ll get over this virus. But we’ve opened a Pandora’s Box that exposes us to massive government power, planting seeds for greater dependency and government dictation over our business and personal lives. We risk some future president confiscating our property and liberty rationalizing it is for the greater good.

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  1. Wow. A republican president, senate, Supreme Court, and an unlimited line of credit for corporations and you label that as the work of progressives. Love your revisionist history!

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