Good News America

| Opinion | June 18, 2020

by Rob Werner
Imagine the media exclusively reporting good positive news. Wouldn’t that be a thing? News, reporting people helping others, personal achievements, new discoveries, awards, celebrations, victories – positive uplifting portrayals of people. A suspension of news promoting fear, hostility and anger. We could all take a deep breath, feel at peace and bask in the knowledge that we are surrounded by good people in a wonderful country.

To at least a limited extent we can make this happen. The president could declare “Good News America Week” setting aside one week of the year where the media is given the assignment of reporting uplifting news. Where they abandon negative spins and even report on the president in a positive manner. This would be a difficult challenge for reporters, but it is sorely needed. The constant negativity of current news is damaging the health and well being of the nation.

News services could take this further by instituting daily news programs exclusively containing good, positive news. If people are given the option to hear and view such news – they will. It would be a relief from daily hassles.

A major difficulty in reporting good news is the growing infestation of dark thoughts among reporters and other people. In today’s America, hate dominates many people’s thoughts. Some people would express happiness over an early demise of Representative Nancy Pelosi; others would celebrate in the streets over hearing of the assassination of our president. Good news needs to focus on building and improvement rather than destruction and desecration.

Our older population, the Baby Boomers and prior generations, had more positive and less negative news while growing up. Outside of wars, reporting was mostly positive. Our world was focused on our communities. Our town papers would report a local murder because it was unusual in the community. Unless it were some major figure, deaths or murders of people elsewhere in the country were not reported. Most news was local, sports, weddings, accomplishments, and events.


These folks grew up in a world where they played in the streets, often without supervision. They walked to school without fear of abduction. They trusted their neighbors and did not lock their doors. If they did not have other means of transportation, they did not hesitate to hitchhike. If someone needed help, they were generous and did not think they were being conned. Bad things did happen, but reporting was not so obsessive as to instill fear and destroy people’s lifestyle and sense of morality.

Police were not as well trained, more brutal and probably more community conscious than today’s forces. They were honored, respected and feared. They had enough power and authority so that they succeeded. Crime was less. Today, the media has promoted so much hatred and disrespect of the police that officers are in fear of being attacked and reprisals for doing their job. They have increasing demands on their services while facing hostility, constant review and criticism, political attacks and lack of support from their own departments. Recent hostile news of police misconduct perpetuated a massive increase in murder, other crimes and racism. If things continue, advocates of dismantling police forces will get their wish as no one will want to be an officer.

Our world needs to return to the small-town type of reporting, to ethics, and personal responsibility. We can improve the lives of all our people by seeing and promoting what is good and productive rather than the exploitation of what is bad and destructive.

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