Governor and Crew Promoting Crime

| Opinion | January 31, 2019

by Richard Hood

Tired of having to stand in yet another line now, waiting to have your receipt checked at the local Stuff Mart? It’s inconvenient, and if someone were shoplifting, wouldn’t they simply put it in their pocket? A pain for honest people that harms society by encouraging the root problem. Currently, I ignore the line, as retailers are unwilling to question even the thieves.

The “broken window” syndrome goes like this. If a neighborhood or country has property it doesn’t protect, the purposeless take rocks to the windows. If those windows are not replaced (the thieves held accountable) things get worse quickly and affect the value and pleasantness of the entire area; just read our City Manager’s report.

Retail theft prevention is in eclipse or gone. Empty patrol cars outside stores may fool shoppers, but they don’t fool thieves. We workers were told at a local “big box” store that if we witnessed shoplifters, we were not to arrest them, stop them, touch them or get pictures of their cars – all were forbidden. The choice of putting short-term costs of prosecution before what’s best for our communities (communities which big retailers like to say they are part of) harms us all. The consequences will be more broken windows.

We have “low information” and “low American values” voters breaking windows by electing the intellectually and morally disadvantaged to state office. These legislators have passed bills decriminalizing both high and petty crimes. This is due to their morally wrong belief that someone poorer than you shouldn’t have to answer to the same consequences, or the same accounting, as you. Looting a big screen TV is as justified as a loaf of bread, as our elected servants believe they should both go free. It’s morally wrong on its face, because envy is wrong on its face. There’s always someone more diligent or luckier than you, who therefore has more stuff. Envy results from not understanding that equality refers to opportunity rather than outcome.


Police don’t care about thefts under $1,000 now, because district attorneys won’t prosecute, leaving a broken window ignored. Surveys show that students don’t see cheating on tests or shoplifting as moral wrongs. Survey distributors evidently assume it is a moral wrong, as do the surprised reporters sharing the findings with surprised readers, but why? And wrong based on what? The kids believe what they’ve been taught – all morality is relative and subjective (unless of course, someone makes “them” suffer a wrong, in which case it’s just plain wrong.) Teachers hate it when their students cheat on tests, but why should they hate it, being the moral and cultural relativists who indoctrinated the kids to this belief?

Students are taught capitalism is simply wrong, as opposed to sometimes wrongly executed, due to people failing to control even their own subjective choices and fallen natures, or submitting their natures to a higher, objective source. Why think shoplifting from a faceless amusement park or mall is wrong?

Students are not taught the difference between good and evil, where each came from, and how to judge between them. The surveyed students seemed materially minded – worried about “how well” they are going to live during their short time here, instead of “what” they are supposed to be living for. Their attitude was if cheating or stealing help get them more material things, why not cheat? I can think of ten good reasons.

Kids are taught America is evil, Western Civilization is evil (though the source of universities), but are now introduced to Buddhist and Hindu practices at the earliest grade levels. But the Ten Commandments, from which we learn that stealing is wrong, (disobedience to any of them resulting in evil) got expelled long ago. So, church and state separation is an exploited ruse the left uses in its unceasing war against law and order, natural law, and peace and tranquility. Against decency. So the Commandments are now forbidden and arrested instead of criminals, and crime is encouraged – because of who we voted for. They are using legislation to promote what harms our communities rather than what protects them. We vote and think according to what we choose to read and listen to. What we invite inside changes us.

God said if you loved Him, you’d obey His commands, not remove them from your culture. Our new socialist representatives see themselves as righteous iconoclasts, smashing the sacred because they are bored and self-centered. Our Governor, as well as the other extremists we’ve just elected to federal office, now adrift and anchorless by rejecting what is decent and true, continue their blind search for purpose with help from their media accessories by groping for more rocks to throw at ever more of our windows.

Richard Hood is a retired history teacher and working on a book about inspirational heroes and redemption.

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