Health Insurance Reform

| Opinion | September 26, 2019

by Rob Werner

Obamacare has existed so long that it has become the new norm. Many people have forgotten what insurance was like before Obamacare.

People have benefited from Obamacare. Although it was pandered as a newer, better insurance program, it was and is another welfare program. When other people are required to pay all or a large part of the cost of your medical care, it is not insurance, it is welfare.

Under Obamacare, the unemployed and poorer folks acquire medical “insurance” for little or no money. The result for the remainder of the population is much more costly insurance. The result is our country’s poor have the best “insurance.” Our middle class must pay far more for far less, paying both for the support bureaucracy and subsidizing the insurance of others.
Obama penalties required people to take advantage of this welfare and others to purchase higher costing insurance to fund it. Passage of the bill required support of the insurance industry through provisions guaranteeing their profit. It also required the insistent false claim that those people wishing to keep their insurance could keep their insurance.

One of the major benefits of Obamacare, as well as its major failing, is coverage for pre-existing conditions. Prior to Obamacare, those of us who purchased insurance understood the need to maintain insurance for when the need arises. If you waited to get insurance until the need arose, then that ailment would be excluded from your policy. People who understood that they had a responsibility to acquire medical insurance in preparation for the inevitable medical problems sometimes still lost their insurance due to losing their job which often was caused by a debilitating injury or illness. Our progressive legislatures chose not to remedy this problem but to create a new system.


An example of the type of insurance one wanted to keep that existed prior to Obamacare would be a policy that had a $2000 deductible and a 20% copay. This meant that the insured paid 20% of the fees for medical services until expending $2000. Now for twice the cost of the old policy, your receive a $6000 deductible and 100% copay until the deductible is met. It is really like having no insurance at all unless you have a major medical problem.

The Republicans want to abolish Obamacare. However, the old system has been destroyed. Additionally, we are constantly informed that any new system must include offering new insurance policies to cover people’s pre-existing conditions. But the guaranteed coverage of preexisting conditions motivates people to purchase insurance when they develop a medical condition.

One way to get away from this high cost, poor coverage insurance would be to create a new program that ultimately would create a new insurance pool. This would be a program that could run much like the old system. It would allow insurance companies to bill people based on age and risks. It would guarantee renewals. It would allow for added charges for coverage of pre-existing conditions or exclusions for conditions existing at the time the insurance was first acquired. But for those who had no pre-existing conditions, or whose pre-existing condition was covered, it would guarantee a lower rate so long as they maintained the insurance. Disability and some loss of employment coverage could be included to insure continued payment.

The welfare “insurance” would need to be either the cheapest policy or a return to County hospital treatment.

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