He’s Down, He’s Out! No … Wait!

| Opinion | February 13, 2020

by Dale Paule

Remember that old black and white movie when you were a kid? The one where it looked like it could be the last round for the “Champ,” then, just as the ref raises his hand for the ten-count, the “Champ” springs back up, pushes the ref out of the way and floors the mob’s second-rate pug? Then, we’d all clap as he stands proudly, with hands clenched over his head in victory to the cheering crowd, as “The End” appears on the screen!

Well, I’ve got good news for those of you who may have missed the thrill of watching those old flicks, because you just saw the real McCoy on Tuesday, the fourth of February; and this time, it was even better, because it was in color, stereophonic sound, and you didn’t even have to lay out five bucks for a bag of stale popcorn or leave the comfort of your couch to see it. Technically, it was called, the “President’s State of the Union Address,” but it will be remembered as, “The rip heard ‘round the World!”

The only difference between watching it and those old black and white movies was there weren’t any cartoons. Oh, wait a minute; come to think of it, there was, and it starred “Naughty Nancy the Shrieking Shredder,” giving one of her funniest, most laughable performances yet. It made “Daffy Duck” look believable.
I admit, it was a toss-up between getting angry watching her “performances” behind the president’s back as he spoke, and seeing the funny side of it. Luckily for my ulcer, I decided on “funny.” There was a lot to laugh at, but the funniest were her facial contortions; especially that lip-twisting thing. It looked like somebody put Super-Glue in her lipstick! Her exaggerated, theatrical grimaces of pain and anguish as President Trump laid out his successes and achievements over the past three years would have made Lon Chaney jealous!

But the “piece de resistance” of her act, was that, “Rrrrrriiipppp!” sound of her copy of his speech being torn in two, right there in living color, and in front of millions of Americans who watched and were disgusted by it. It will, no doubt be played over and over again on TV during President Trump’s successful reelection campaign.


From here on in, you can put your money on two things guaranteed to happen:

The Democrats are going to get even more vicious in their attacks, and Trump is going to get keep turning it back on them.

You can also bet that the American people don’t depend on propaganda from sources like CNN to figure out what’s true and what’s BS!

It’s going to be a win for Trump and the American people in the end, but not without picking up a few dents and scratches along the way. The kind of fight we’re in this time is not just about a couple of different points of view on political philosophy; it’s about nothing less than losing the freedom which generations before us have paid, and paid dearly for. Most in that political “mob” which call themselves, “The Democrat Party,” bear no resemblance or allegiance to the beliefs and standards held by that original, but long gone organization.

They openly oppose our long-established free and envied ways of life, and are fanatically committed to perform any act, without exception, which will ultimately place them in a permanent state of dominance over us.

They plan and act in the dark, like rats; and when they’re cornered, that’s when a rat is most vicious.

We’ve had a few important victories lately, and that’s a new and welcome change. But we should always remember that along with victory comes an occasional defeat; that’s just the way it goes. The trick is, to rack-up more “V’s” than “D’s” in the end.

So, come Election Day this November, don’t be too surprised if at, “The End,” the result sounds familiar:

“He’s down, he’s out! No … wait!

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