Is Trump a White Supremacist or Have We Changed the Definition of Racism?

| Opinion | August 22, 2019

by Alexx Rufus

Clearly, we have awakened a climate of hostility within the nation. It is Republicans versus Democrats, conservatives versus liberals, grandmas versus naked grandmas! And, the number one question is, “Is President Donald Trump a racist or have we changed the definition of racism?”

Since ethnicity and religion are such important factors in deciding whether you are right on political issues, I’ll state mine: Christian/ African American. If we want to be technical – I’m 62.5% African American, 25% Caucasian and 12.5 Native American (1/8th – I am eligible to apply for membership unlike most who claim to be Native American).

Although I absolutely hate the argument that your skin/ethnicity determines whether or not you are correct on a political issue, to please anyone who wants to know, there you have it.

I am a millennial and I believe a small portion of my generation understands true racism – depending on where you lived and your upbringing. I understand racism from some deep levels. I’m from Illinois, and I’ve had to fight many times, sometimes at the threat of being killed simply because my skin is brown. I’ve been hated by some Caucasians simply because of my ethnicity. My mother is half African American and half Caucasian. Her mother (African American) and her father (Caucasian) were teenagers when my grandmother became pregnant with my mother. When my grandfather’s parents learned he got a black girl pregnant, they moved him out of Chicago to Colorado because they did not want to be associated with having black grandchildren. That is racism.


But, is saying something you disagree with racist? What if you believe certain elements of life belong to me because I’m African American or I believe certain elements belong to you because you are not African American – is that racist? Well, that depends. I’ve had many people say to me, “you don’t sound black.” To which I’ve responded, “what do you mean?” The reason I don’t sound black to many is because of the way I articulate things. Is that racist? No, it’s a stereotype that finds its influence through entertainment/social media, mainstream news, television and music. These things have conditioned people to believe all African Americans are the same without any diversity of thought, lifestyle, interests or skills. I once believed Caucasians had no rhythm or soul. Imagine how surprised I was when I realized Bobby Caldwell wasn’t black! Was that racist, no, it was a stereotype based on the information being fed into my head (mental conditioning). It would have been racist to assume that your life has no value because my race is superior to your race or vice versa.

To the main question, is Trump racist? No. As a person from impoverished communities in Chicago, who has witnessed much violence including my mother being shot, who has lived in a building with such poor conditions that the city of Chicago condemned, who grew up on welfare and other forms of public aide – I say absolutely not.

Has Trump said some moronic things, of course, has he said some stereotypical things – absolutely, but does he hate ethnic people – NO! Trump is a pistol that shoots off at the mouth, yet he is the first president in a long time that actually does things that benefit this country and the citizens of the country. What is ironic is that people liked Trump until he ran for office. Although many were upset with him for going after Obama and his birth certificate, they still liked him. After running for office and winning, he is now considered racist and a white supremacist.

It amazed me and actually makes me scratch my head at the things called racist today. I disagree with you politically (YOU’RE RACIST), I disagree with you morally (YOU’RE RACIST), I believe capitalism is a great system (Oh now you’re REALLY RACIST), I believe everyone can be racist, not just white people (SHUT UP, KILL HIM, HE’S NOT BLACK)! Is there racism in the world? Of course, and there always will be as long as there are people.

I’ve now reached a point in life that in order to convince me something is racist, I need to see a court case with tons of evidence, a scooter and a flying unicorn in order to believe it. This is because everything is claimed to be racist in today’s society. I’m just waiting for the day we say toilets are racist because they are white.

In my view, this has much to do with the Democratic party wanting control of our nation’s laws and wanting to remain in power. Although the right is not innocent of not spinning narratives in their favor, I’ve seen the left spin so many narratives it’s astonishing. If you’re a Christian, it’s because you’re a white supremacist. If you voted for Trump it’s because you’re racist. If you support borders it’s because your racist, if your last sentence (see above) couldn’t distinguish between your and you’re, you’re racist. The narrative of “if you disagree with me, it’s because you’re racist” is used so much by liberals that when I hear it, I immediately lose interest in the conversation.

I love debate, I love open conversation and diversity of opinion. And it’s a shame that I can have this with so little liberals before the ad hominem attacks start. Yet, I can have diversity of thought with many conservatives, even heated debates, and still come out as friends and smiling.

Apart from the economic benefits and some balance between the 1st and 2nd amendments and other highly charged areas, I believe a crucial benefit has come from Trump being elected. That is the revealing of the heart. As a Christian, I believe what the scripture says, “… for out of the abundance of the heart, his mouth speaks.” It amazes me when someone basically says, “I’m Christian, but I hate you because you support Trump.” Or they used to be a Christian, but they left because Christians supported Trump, etc. Technically, they were not Christians, but that’s another topic. As Christians, we should have love for one another – no matter what our political leanings or diversity of thoughts are. Wouldn’t you agree?

Trump is not the face of Christianity nor is he the savior. Trump is just an elected official that promotes some belief tenets (definitely not all) that are present in Christianity – such as the really hot button “abortion.” The argument I’ve also heard so much, “well, what about the white man using the bible to enslave black people?” First, that argument only works on someone that hasn’t studied and understood white slave owners “REMOVED” content from the bible which talks much about freedom. On top of that, slaves were punished for reading so discovering freedom might have led to death. There is a museum in Texas that still has an old “Slave Bible” that shows everything removed to make slaves compliant.

Does that mean the bible itself is bad? No, it just means that some people removed content to prevent understanding and more than likely, those who removed the text were not Christian. To say the bible is bad because some bad characters used it corruptly is like saying “cars are bad because some people drive drunk.” So, the comparison between Trump and the racism of Christianity is flawed on many levels, but that is for another topic.

All in all, Trump is not racist and he’s not a white supremacist. He’s just a person that shoots off his mouth while the liberal media and political field immediately take what he says and tries to spin a racist narrative. We’ve allowed the definition of racism to be altered so much that it really has little meaning these days. The applied use of racism has become as common as saying “hello” or “good morning.” One day, Trump will open a speech with, “My fellow Americans…” and the liberal news will take it and say, “He is so racist by saying My fellow Americans… What about the people that are not citizens?” Well, in my view, that is why he would say, “My fellow Americans.”

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  1. Many thanks to Alexx Rufus for the great piece on racism. He could not have been more accurate. I especially like his last paragraph!


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