Jaso vs. Doug A Differing Opinion – You Are Halfway There

| Opinion | August 28, 2014

Dear Mr. Ranter,
Last Friday you spoke of war and sending troops back into Iraq to do battle with ISIS.

You expressed a distaste for war that you may not have had prior to having experienced it so closely through your son’s deployment. To use your words, now you hate war.

Finally, we agree on something.

We agree on something else. The terrorist progress of ISIS must be stopped. That’s two points we agree on.

Okay, enough agreement. You feel we should get back into battle. I do not.


War just doesn’t work, Mr. Ranter. Even if war stopped ISIS in the short term, it would not resolve problems in the big picture—now or in the future. More followers of ISIS will eventually appear on the horizon again. There was al-Qaeda and Hamas (and still is) and now there is ISIS. It appears that terrorist organizations are trending like the ice bucket challenge, and with more lasting impact than Pharrell Williams’ hat.

Here’s the deal: we need to view war just as we view hydrogenated oils, asbestos, hydrogen blimps (Hindenburg), and the New Coke—just another crappy idea. Like the first three, war kills innocent people, and like the last, the world had to experience it to find out what a truly bad idea it was.

Come out of the woodwork, inventors and app creators! There is a need and you can earn billions by filling it! Come up with a peace app or a resolution machine. Don’t say it can’t be done! That’s what they said to Orville and Wilbur Wright. Now flight by propeller is old news and we have reached the moon. Just a few hundred years ago the telegraph was modern communication. Now we have smart phones. Next stop: humans resolving differences without killing each other in the process; peace that does not involve enduring deaths of our own family members that our leaders consider “acceptable losses!”

Peace baby,

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