Katie Hill Blames ‘Outsiders’ For Town Hall Chaos Recognizes Need for Border Enforcement for Herself, Yet Opposes It For Others

| Opinion | May 9, 2019

By Greg Aprahamian

On April 27, 2019, newly elected California Democrat Rep. Katie Hill Held her first town hall in Santa Clarita, California, and according to news reports, the California Democrat experienced:

“Angry Voters” – CNBC
“Boisterous Crowd” – KHTS
“Disrupted By Unruly Attendees” – Santa Clarita Gazette

The media’s accounts of the town hall were unanimous, claiming that it was loud and unruly. But I would call the town hall chaotic and confrontational.

No doubt Rep. Katie Hill had hoped for and envisioned the town hall to be a venue for a thoughtful and supportive public to quietly listen to her statements, and then listen to her guests discuss the importance of Democrat legislation that spreads more California-style chaos into our elections nationally, and puts more limits on our First and Second amendments, H.R.1 and H.R. 8.


Unfortunately for Rep. Katie Hill, that didn’t happen, and the type of town hall that she envisioned fell into chaos, because some members of the public didn’t share her vision, or follow the customs and courtesies that she probably believed were stereotypical of the party that she opposes.

Katie and her spokes people blamed:

“Mainly out of district people” – Facebook video statement by Katie Hill
“Not from our district” – Facebook video statement by Katie Hill

“Kassie King, a spokesperson for Hill, claimed Monday the majority of those disrupting were outsiders.” – CNBC
Then Hill dropped the bomb shell and called the out of district disruptors: “Trolls” – Facebook

Now that Rep. Katie Hill has personally been negatively impacted by what she calls “out of district people,” Katie and her staff have decided it would be advantageous for them to craft measures to help maintain their quality of life in CA25.

“King said they have considered asking for proof of residency and barring people who don’t live in the district.” – Santa Clarita Gazette

All I can say is: If only Americans could have the exact same thing?

Katie Hill is fine with open border interference when she is receiving $5 million from former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. But now that Katie Hill has been negatively impacted by what she is claiming are “outsiders” coming into her district, she recognizes the value and importance of borders and border security to protect her quality of life.

Californians have long been negatively impacted by illegal immigration (“out of district people”), and whenever we complain about the negative impact that it has on our lives, not only are we typically ignored, the illegal “out of district people” are constantly offered amnesty, work permits, sanctuary, chain migration, deferred action, drivers licenses, state-funded student financial aid, in-state tuition, free legal aid for those facing deportation, and in some cities placed on city commission seats and given actual voting rights. These illegal “out of district people” are also constantly paraded through the halls of Congress by the party that Katie Hill belongs to.

Rep. Katie Hill referred to the “out of district” people that she claims caused chaos at her town hall as “trolls.” I’m wondering if we now have Rep. Katie Hill’s blessing to label illegal aliens as: “Trolls.”

Just for laughs, can you imagine what would happen to a Republican member of Congress if they called an illegal alien, “Troll?”

I shudder to think.

I’m not going to debate the credibility of Katie Hill’s claims about what she calls “Outside people” attending the town hall. Perhaps she should just embrace the whole situation, and call them undocumented attendees. Call it migration, and no human is illegal. After all, that’s what they expect out of us.

Katie Hill and her colleagues are perfectly happy to allow millions of illegal aliens (“out of district people”) to flood our borders annually, without any regard to the negative effects it has on the lives, jobs, safety and health of Americans. But the moment Katie Hill and her supporters and staff are negatively affected by what Katie and her staff calls “out of district people,” watch how quickly she calls for defined borders and border enforcement.

Does Katie Hill understand the meaning of hypocrisy?

After the town hall and in an interview with KHTS, Katie Hill stated: “This is unfair to the folks I
represent — especially those who want to have a thoughtful discussion about the issues that impact the safety and well-being of our family, friends and neighbors,” Hill said.

If Katie Hill really wants to have a thoughtful discussion about the issues that impact the safety and well-being of Americans, let’s start with the chaos that Californians face every day coming from the “out of district people” known as illegal aliens, as they negatively affect our schools and hospitals, overburden our city services, as their gangs and criminal element prey on our people.

Enroll your children in a public school in the San Fernando Valley or almost anywhere in Los Angeles and you know what I am talking about.

Go to the LAPD’s web site and browse through their Most Wanted list and look for yourself, and you will see the chaos that Americans face.

Go to an emergency room almost anywhere in California and you know the chaos.

How about the California DMV admitting that they registered illegal aliens to vote. How about that chaos?

Proof of residency? If Katie Hill wants to require that for a town hall, can we also get that for voter registration?

Go to The Remembrance Project web site and look at page after page, image after image of innocent Americans killed by illegal aliens through open borders. And Americans in California live through this chaos every single day, because illegal aliens (“Out of district people”) are allowed in, enabled, funded and given sanctuary.

Rep. Katie Hill, if you want to protect your quality of life by requiring proof of residency and to bar people who are not from the district, great! Because the people who heckled at your town hall want the exact same thing. Perhaps that’s why they were chanting, “Build the Wall”!

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4 Responses to “Katie Hill Blames ‘Outsiders’ For Town Hall Chaos Recognizes Need for Border Enforcement for Herself, Yet Opposes It For Others”

  1. Berta González-Harper on May 10, 2019 @ 12:47 pm

    Well said Greg Aprahamian. Some of us who actually live in Ms. Hill’s district were unable to attend her Town Hall meeting but also understand that our views on illegal immigration do not matter to Ms. Hill or her Democrat party. She would have heard an earful from me but then I am sure my views are irrelevant to her.
    As a first generation American of Hispanic ancestry, the daughter of two LEGAL immigrants who proudly became Naturalized American citizens, I resent folks like Ms. Hill who insist that my tax dollars are used to fund things that I am vehemently against. Why should hard working American citizens and LEGAL immigrants be forced to pay for the education, housing, food, medical care, cash grants, and other benefits for person’s unlawfully present in the USA? Why should criminal illegal aliens be given “sanctuary” anywhere in The USA while they continue to prey upon American citizens and legal immigrants?
    How many illegal aliens is Ms. Hill personally sponsoring thereby risking her own safety, security, income, and home? I bet zero, but she is more than willing to risk mine. Ms. Hill lives in Agua Dulce, not exactly a hotbed of illegal alien activity. I live in Canyon Country where plenty of criminal and other illegal aliens live. My quality of life is affected by her decisions yet she does not care as long as she and her party get the votes, whether fraudulently obtained or otherwise, to keep her and her party in power. Los Angeles County alone spends BILLIONS each year on illegal aliens and their children yet our own Veterans and others in need go without, shameful. I did not vote for her and will NEVER vote for another Democrat as long as their party is the party of open borders and advocacy for illegal aliens.
    I hope voters pay attention and make Ms. Hill a one term elected official. All elected officials, regardless of political party, need to start working on behalf of American citizens like me, you know the folks they are supposed to represent. We need a secure border and a return to the rule of law, not Ms. Hill’s stupid liberal policies that put us at risk.
    If Ms. Hill wants to represent foreign nationals then she should move to another country and try to run for office there, see how far she gets and good riddance.

  2. E. Jaymeson on May 11, 2019 @ 8:58 pm

    Excellent commentary and comments by Mr. Aprahamian and Ms. Harper. It is so unfortunate that Katie Hill and her kind are so hypocritical yet cannot even recognize that. Or perhaps they do recognize that, but don’t care.
    Time for everyone to hear the truth and perhaps get a true ‘people’s representative ‘ in office next election.
    Good work Greg and Berta.

  3. Jen Mirrorman on May 13, 2019 @ 10:33 am

    The Armenians/Russians have done the same exact thing to their parts of the Valley, Gregie but worse. They roll up to the welfare office in Mercedes and the newest BMW’s.

    Look at Glendale and the problems that city faces. Its the mafia capital of the US and they bring far more problems than, our hard working brothers and sisters from south of the border… In addition, I honestly question their loyalty to this great nation.

  4. Laurina Matts on May 13, 2019 @ 8:33 pm

    Kudos to Greg’s comments. I live in Southern California, life-long—count them–all 57 years old.
    Unless, we American stand up and be heard, California is the picture for the rest of the country……..Unless we get up and be heard!
    Wake up America!
    You do not want your state to become like Kalifornia!

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