| Opinion | May 10, 2018

Dear Editor,
As a longtime resident in this valley & as a person that has participated in the local journalism community I find it un-acceptable that a contributor to your publication & the local paper has been found to be blatantly plagiarizing others work & his response & the publications response is to allow him to hide behind his veteran status as a means to excuse what in journalism & academic circles is the highest form of ethics violation.

Furthermore the response from William Reynolds, the violator in question has been to insult & threaten those that question his journalistic integrity. Social media is always a black hole of intention but when you call folks idiots or mentally sick & so on & so on I would think that the publication he contributes to would re-evaluate his ability to contribute. Plus the intention is very clear, he does not care that he has stolen others work & plans to continue to do it.

I think that this publication & our local paper should take a hard look at Mr. Reynolds work & decide if their reputations as information providers for our community is worth using stolen work from an in-apologetic contributor. Veterans are to be thanked & respected, when one uses that label they should be carrying themselves with dignity & pride. Mr. Reynolds is tainting his service by stealing work & using stolen work to honor our dead & living heroes.
I (for) one, will not be reading this publication nor the paper until this issue is addressed officially.
Thank You. Your Loyal Reader,
Kris Kelso

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One Response to “Letter”

  1. Homer Temple on May 17, 2018 @ 4:51 pm

    As I was home, sick, today, I seized the opportunity to write concerning an Op Ed in issue 1025. Written by Josh Heath (I thought you all sluffed him off to The People’s Rag), he took issue with an Op Ed by David Hegg in TPR from April 14th, titled “Calling Every Man to be a Man”.
    The beginning of the 2nd paragraph, Mr. Heath cites “a raft of evidence” that disprove Mr. Hegg’s opinion, the 1st of which is “the fact that young people today are the most educated cohort in American history”. This, along with “put(ting) in as many hours at their jobs as prior generations”, puts young men on a par with “working masses” in the “19th century”. Really? While I might agree that young people today are more “educated” than their predecessors, I think it’s in-arguable that far more college courses now, as opposed to those in the past, don’t have a lot to do with a productive career. And as far as toiling “an 80 hr work week practically year-round” goes, the FIRST thing a freshman learns his 1st quarter is; DON’T overload yourself! As they near the finish line, with confidence & experience under their belts, they may increase their loads.
    Mr. Heath asserts at the start of the 4th paragraph that “there’s nothing a young man can do to counteract this”. Here lies a substantial part of the real problem: There’s nothing he can do?! This is exactly the mind-set that atrophies so many today. A major part of maturing is; pick yourself up & go at it again! Life lessons are MUCH more valuable than formal education. And there are many resources available for support, chief among them, I would say, are encouragement & empowering of family & friends, which Mr. Heath cites in the 1st part of paragraph 6.
    Unfortunately, Mr. Heath chooses to get personal with a lot of unnecessary comments in the remainder of the article. He may have been “short” on his Op Ed article or just resorting to a Standard Operating Procedure of the left, which is personal destruction. In any case, I can assure him & anyone else that David Hegg does not “mock the downtrodden” nor is he “unthoughtful”, “contempt”uous, or a “Pharisee” towards anyone. In fact, he strives to be more like Christ in every way & he has a great heart for young people. And you’re right, Mr. Heath. Christ reaches out to ALL with justice & love.
    BTW, David Hegg is my friend, brother, & pastor. Come to a service sometime, would you Mr. Heath.

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