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A Born Politician
Last week’s edition of The Gazette published Blair Bess’ adoring opinion of Katie Hill referencing her as “both a media darling and one of the most powerful members of the 116th Congress”.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe, unlike too many, that people have a right to choose a candidate whether anyone else agrees or not. However, when promoting one’s choice, please be factual.

Mr. Bess also stated that for those who didn’t vote for Hill, we’ve “lucked out”. It turns out that our luck is that “Rep. Katie Hill believes in funding for some form of barrier at the southern border; even if allocated strictly for repairs of existing fences, or walls, or slats”.

Are Democrats actually fighting against repairing damaged and dilapidated fencing/barriers already in place…probably for decades?

The former statement of Hill believing in funding for some form of barrier collides with the facts of her own words.


In a telephone call with the L.A. Daily News on December 28, 2018, Hill said: the new members were elected with a pretty strong mandate to oppose the wall…we’re not backing down…”

On January 11th, Hill interviewed with CNN’s Poppy Harlow and when nailed for a direct answer to funding a border barrier, Hill paused and stammered an unintelligible response.

The Daily Caller reported Hill’s words on January 12th: “We know that there’s already fencing and other physical barriers across the border in many different places, but there are gaps and we need to find ways of filling those gaps, repairing the fencing….For many of us there’s not really doubt that some kind of physical barrier is necessary.”

Then she called the standoff “semantics”. We have some agreement there.

On January 15th, the local Proclaimer reported Hill speaking at a DC press conference stating “…she was against funding for a border wall, clarifying comments she made previously regarding her support for border security”. She declared her position: “The border wall is off the table”.

In other words, Hill’s position on funding southern physical border barriers/fence/wall is quite fluid and open to change.

Mr. Bess thinks Hill appears “to be a woman true to her word…” like putting constituents over ideology. Her chameleon-like positions show much differently.

He’s concrete with Hill being “clearly a natural born politician…”

Seems Bess may well be right on-point.

Betty Arenson

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