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| Opinion | November 8, 2019

Letter to the Editor – Gazette Newspaper
November 8, 2019

Santa Clarita Valley Political Shenanigans

As a casual observer of SCV’s political scene for many years I’ve noticed several less than what I consider honorable political maneuverings – I am not alone by a long shot.   Think back to our CA 21st District Senate race back in December 2016 when at the very last moment possible Lancaster’s highly popular Sharon Runner (R) bowed out of our Senate race due to heath issues.  Everyone knew her health was terribly poor and she ultimately backed out at the last minute but lo and behold out of the clear blue Assemblyman Scott Wilk “to save the day” filed to run at the last moment possible.  Does anyone actually believe this stealthy plan was not hatched in advance by Wilk?  Sadly, Sharon passed away a few months later and opportunistic Assemblyman Wilk swooped in to snag victory while leaving his Assembly seat two years early.

Wilk’s Anonymous IT Guy
Over the years, Scott Wilk held several local positions prior to his four year Assembly gig including on the Board of Trustees at College of the Canyons and senior staff for Congressman Buck McKeon.  While working for Congressman McKeon he secretly began feathering his own political nest scheming his own political future rather than focusing adequately on his staff duties.  Hence he was laid off.  When running for Assembly he ran against Patricia McKeon and out of the clear an anonymous negative blog was posted that denigrated Mrs. McKeon.  Things became quite contentious.  It was obvious to everyone that Wilk had developed a fierce feud with the McKeon’s that many believe still exists to this very day.  Wilk snagged victory.

Fueled by Feud
Going back to Wilk’s term with COC, he developed a feud with fellow trustee Bruce Fortine because Bruce did not support electing a new trustee that Wilk endorsed.  When Bruce’s wife Gloria later ran in a local school board race, Wilk, using his paid anonymous internet technician launched a false, battering negative campaign against her.  Gloria lost.  Fast forward to Tony Strickland’s CA 25th District Congressional campaign in 2014 another brutal Wilk feud erupted.  Wilk’s former boss, Congressman McKeon endorsed Strickland and naturally Wilk endorsed Strickland’s opponent Steve Knight.  Republican vs. Republican!  Talk about a contentious election!  Holy Smokes!  And wouldn’t you just know it.  Another anonymous wicked negative website was posted and e-mailed throughout the district against Tony Strickland.  That e-mail was sent as though Tony sent it using his own e-mail address – talk about underhanded trickery!  Tony Strickland lost.  Several adages evolved at that time:  “Don’t get Wilked”.  “Wilk’s Politics are Fueled by Feud”.


More Campaign Trickery
By all accounts in 2018, Congressman Knight’s surprising loss to Democrat Katie Hill resulted from a less than stellar campaign effort.  No offense intended towards Steve Knight, whom I respect, but I’ve heard this throughout the district.  Recently, we learned of Katie’s Hill’s adulterous throuple behavior leading to her appropriate and sudden resignation which has resulted in all kinds of crazy political shenanigans.  First, we heard former Congressman Steve Knight considered running for his old seat and then out of the clear blue, Carpetbagger George Papadopoulos indicated an interest.  Personally, I find it very difficult to believe that Steve would subject himself again to the rigors of working in Washington D.C. and being away from his wonderful wife and family.  Meanwhile, Mike Garcia, our local former combat Navy fighter jet pilot and businessman’s CA25 Congressional Campaign has catapulted him into our Republican strong front runner.

Don’t Get Wilked
Many people know that the ultimate job Scott Wilk (AKA: RINO) hungers is becoming our CA25th District’s congressional representative.  So, it’s wouldn’t surprise me one solitary bit if he’s currently scheming with his “good ole boy’s club” to enter our congressional race at the very last moment possible just as he previously did for his CA 21st Senate seat.  By the way, much of what’s stated here is also believed by folks on both sides of the aisle.
Don’t get Wilked!

Bill Reynolds
Vietnam Combat Veteran
Valencia, California
661 993-9712

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