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| Opinion | November 27, 2019

In recent months many residents and politicians have demanded that the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility be shut down. What most don’t seem to understand is the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility has been in operation since 1939. I can’t imagine the fact of this facility being in the neighborhood wasn’t disclosed to the buyers when their homes were purchased as is required by law. Our daughter recently purchased a home near the beach adjacent to a military installation It was disclosed in the documents submitted to her noted that the harbor seals barked and the military facility played revelry in the morning and taps in the evening. I feel that if these residents are so worried about natural gas being in their neighborhood the natural gas be shut off to their homes and depend on electricity that is generated by natural gas. The NIMBY attitude of these homeowners is a disgrace to the energy needs of our community. Now politicians are flexing their political aspirations to satisfy these wealthy homeowners in Porter Ranch. Are they willing to allow a nuclear power plant to be installed near their homes? I’m not sure where they expect electricity to be generated to operate their air conditioners and swimming pool pumps? Solar? Windmills? Keep in mind that solar works when the sun is out unless have expensive batteries that have inherent dangers of their own. Windmills only work when the wind is blowing. Just how much fossil fuels are required to fabricate these windmills that must withstand the wild required for them to operate? If these residents don’t want this natural gas facility near their homes then they should move. Having worked on experimental energy programs my entire career, the most efficient form of power generation is nuclear. Good luck getting permits for that.


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  1. I had to roll my eyes when I read Lee Barnathan’s column of 11/27 that one of our local Progressive ideologues was all in on Elizabeth Warren for President. Warren is a candidate whose whole adult life was based on lies. She lied about her ancestry to get a high paying, 6 figure job, as a Professor at Harvard. She lied about being fired from a job for being pregnant. She lied about her parents having to elope because her Grandparents were xenophobic against Indians. She lied about her son attending private schools. And, her biggest whopper of all, there would be no middle class income tax cut to pay for her 20.5 trillion dollar Medicare tax plan. Then there are her other Progressive Pandering budget busting fantasies of free public college tuition for all; forgiveness of all outstanding student debt; reparations for Blacks; and a new “Green Deal” plan that would cost between $50 – $90 TRILLION dollars between 2020 and 2029. Giving the choice of “voting for my foot” or voting for Trump, I vote for Trump.

    Max Morgan
    (661) 312-3910

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