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| Opinion | November 29, 2018

California’s Freeways are an Embarrassment

Last week I drove to the San Fernando Valley for a doctor’s appointment by way of Interstate 5, the 405 and the 101 freeways and my entire excursion was akin to driving along a bumpy graveled country road. I rarely venture outside of Santa Clarita Valley so I found this trip very disappointing having heard about I-5’s recent improvements. Freeway surfaces are uneven and there are too many wide cracks, broken chunks of concrete and potholes. As you may know, portions of I-5 from McBean Parkway over towards Sylmar have been widened and supposedly improved but it sure didn’t seem like it by a long shot.

So, here are several suggestions for our California Transportation Commission. First, take a drive in your tax paid “free” State vehicle across our state line into Nevada. You will immediately notice a nice transition from your rough ride into a remarkable smoothness of your drive. Secondly, take a drive over Newhall Ranch Road which the City of Santa Clarita recently and beautifully resurfaced. Next, recruit key managers and engineers from Nevada’s Department of Transportation to oversee California’s roadway upgrades and maintenance projects. Or, simply recruit Santa Clarita’s roadway professionals.

At any Rate, a major change must be achieved as our tax dollars are spent unwisely and quality of workmanship is intolerable and embarrassing.

Sacramento, while you’re at it immediately cease wasting our tax dollars on a useless unaffordable bullet train and start efficiently managing California’s highways, water resources and forests.


Dear Sacramento politicians, wise up!

Bill Reynolds
Valencia Resident

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