Letter to the Editor: Bill Reynolds

| Opinion | January 15, 2020

Embellisher Knight
It seems that every time I see another post on Face Book by Steve Knight he’s bragging that he’s the only candidate that can “hit the ground running” in Washington D.C. upon election to Congress. However, every 25th District Veteran and every influential citizen, including my numerous friends and neighbors I’ve spoken to have told me this past year it’s simply shameful that Knight hit the ground “doing the slow walk” during his last election campaign. It’s true. By all accounts Knight’s poor effort was analogous to Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. His passion to campaign effectively was missing in action hence he was pounded by a far left rookie who faked her way into Congress. It turns out, Katie Hill was utterly unqualified and completely out of her element which came to the forefront with her outrageous unethical lewd conduct sending her into early resignation. What a major embarrassment for Steve Knight and our GOP, let alone the Democrat party.

Hitting the Ground Running
In the complete opposite to Knight’s lackluster performance we have combat Veteran, Navy fighter pilot, successful businessman, and proud family man Mike Garcia. Garcia has consistently demonstrated his strong work ethic diligently working day and night since launching his campaign early last year. Mike Garcia’s vigorous dedication has garnered him front runner status along with capturing many impressive endorsements including an endorsement from the prestigious Los Angeles GOP handedly beating out Steve Knight. Furthermore, Mike gained robust support and campaign contributions from our Veterans, private citizens and numerous influential public officer holders throughout our 25th District.

Splitting GOP Votes
In my opinion the very best Steve Knight could accomplish is taking a wrecking ball to this election and handing our Congressional seat to yet another radical left winger like he did in 2018. The honorable deed for Steve Knight is to immediately bow out and save his family’s reputation.

Bill Reynolds
Vietnam Veteran
Valencia, California


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