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| Opinion | March 16, 2020

Collaborative Calamity

Impromptu Meeting
I recently learned that several Santa Clarita Veteran Services Collaborative board members called an impromptu meeting in February and six members astonishingly voted to remove Elliott Wolfe, President and founder, from his position.  It’s apparent that this calamity revolves around Elliott holding firm to a promise made to a generous contributor’s home donation to a local Veteran.  That home donation included several logical stipulations which were seemingly of little concern to those six board members.

Communication Breakdown
Of the seventeen board members only ten members were able to attend that short notice meeting and six voted to switch leadership which sounded like a coup.  I was appalled that they would do such a thing given that Elliott and Judy Wolfe have poured their hearts and souls, not to mention over $250,000, into supporting the Collaborative and our Veterans these past four plus years.  I can only imagine how distressed they’re feeling.  Coincidentally since that drastic measure was taken, at least nine board members have resigned for a variety of personal reasons with some candidly expressing disenchantment.  I’ve spoken to a number of our local Veterans who remain perplexed and have ceased volunteering at the Veterans Center.  It was mentioned that questionable ethical practices arose related to a board member, a realtor, who potentially meddled with stipulations required for the selected Veteran to take ownership of that donated home.  It’s noted that the Collaborative’s new president promptly signed escrow documents which did not comply with the donor’s request.

Former Staffer
It’s mystifying that while Elliott Wolfe was kicked to the curb, those six board members also chose a new vice president who it just so happens is a former staff person to the disgraced Congresswoman Katie Hill.  How this could happen is bewildering to me since Katie Hill’s ideology was strongly aligned with Nancy Pelosi’s, which includes supporting open borders, sanctuary cities and benefits to illegal aliens.  All of which are a complete contradiction to our Constitution and protecting America’s sovereignty.  When military personnel and Veterans swear their allegiance to America and pledge their lives, they’re not serving, spilling blood and paying the ultimate sacrifice to protect illegal aliens.  Furthermore, I understand that this new Vice President, a non Veteran, declared candidacy for a seat on Santa Clarita’s City Council.  Could it be that this VP position simply serves to pad a resume?  By the way, another local Nancy Pelosi/Katie Hill protégé, Christy Smith, is a 2020 candidate to replace disgraced Katie Hill for Congress.  Christy Smith is the last person we need representing our district.

Golden Goose
Several collaborative board members indicated their frustration due to Elliott Wolfe holding to promises made but now it appears that they have killed their “Golden Goose”, therefore potentially dooming this successful Veterans organization.   One has to wonder how much longer our Veteran Services Collaborative and its Veterans Center will stay active.


Bill Reynolds
Vietnam Veteran

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