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Now and in our near future we, the citizens, will be hit with another, and I quote, another proposed property tax in the matter of the recent extremely confusing streetlight maintenance assessment which by any other name is just that, another property tax increase. Adding to this confusion I quote councilmember Laurene Weste who said, “She was shocked and not impressed. I don’t agree with it at all.” This was also expressed by councilmembers Smyth and McLean.

Point of thought, if they were so shocked by this action, why then did they leave it to the city staff and not take the responsibility to know the facts first hand and before this absurd matter happened? More attention should have been put into this as it seems being mayor is more important than city matters. Hell, it’s just a title! Fiduciary responsibility to the people is the matter at hand here, not a title. The citizens of the city elected the city council, not the city staff, to execute their lifestyle, Wherein lies the integrity?
I add from one of our papers the following. “Developers whose projects are not yet developed but are within the affected areas appear to get as many votes as units they’ll build. But once those units are developed, the people who buy the property and become property owners would pay the full rate.” This is nothing more than a deceitful action and wording for a Mello-Roos property tax. There is an old saying, “A rose by any other name is still a rose.” A Mello-Roos property tax by any other name is still a Mello-Roos property tax.

Prepare yourself for this is just the beginning. Educate yourself and vote “NO” now and in the future, for your best interest is obviously not at hand. This will surface again but only in different wording.

Ken Dean

Yes, he is a crook


Doug, it’s only a matter of time. Your man is going down and you owe everyone an apology. You believed all the trolls—-the Russians easily get to people like you.

There’s more and more proof that’s how Trump got elected and they counted on people like you who hang on every word Fox news says. I’m no longer a Republican because you’re all cowardly and hypocritical.

Remember when Mick Mulvaney (acting chief of staff) said Trump was “a terrible human being”? Remember when Rick Perry said Trump spews a “toxic mix of demagoguery and mean spiritedness and nonsense” and that Donald Trump’s candidacy was a cancer on Conservatism? Lindsey Graham said “I think he’s a kook, I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office”.

Stop being hypocrites and admit it. He’s another Nixon and your party is going down the toilet.

Andy R

I’d like to address “climate change” (formerly “global warming”).

Isn’t this a political ruse about one thing we can’t do enough about to change? The earth climate changes and it always will. The moves in the works to counter it are only costing all of us more and more hardship. California just may lose a lot of land to the ocean rising. What we do will not make a difference.

Science states that it was hotter on earth 800 years ago. In the 1970’s the fear then was “global cooling.” When I recall hearing about the Krakatoa volcano eruption in the 1880’s which was HEARD thousands of miles away and the aftermath of volcanic ash affecting temperatures and sunlight for several years after is reassuring because the globe cleaned itself!

We will adjust even though it may be troublesome.

Bob Comer

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