| Opinion | January 31, 2019

Dear Lee,

First, I want to thank you and the Gazette or publishing the article about David Barlavi with a photo of him doing the resistance fist during the pledge of allegiance. The article and the photo exposes to everyone in a clear and understandable way the political and ideological background that David Barlavi comes from.

In a way I also want to thank David Barlavi for insisting on displaying his fist during the pledge of allegiance because it really is an honest way for him to show everyone that he is a far left extremist, and there is no way it can be denied.

David Barlavi is very open about letting everyone know how anti American he is politically and that he’s very comfortable disrespecting our flag, our pledge and our national anthem. As well as disrespecting the many individuals and groups of Americans that he says he wants to serve within the school district. This man should not be allowed to be within ten feet of our students little else making policy decisions for us.

Unfortunately, Barlavi did a lot of misleading advertising, and gave himself a cute name calling himself coach which it seems people fell for.


In addition, our Congressional representative Katie Hill endorsed Barlavi, and because of her endorsement, voters may have trusted the endorsement.

The Katie Hill endorsement is very key to Barlavi’s election, As your article on Barlavi explained, Barlavi has been openly displaying the fist during the pledge of allegiance and national anthem for several years, so Katie Hill would of known this, as well as his anti american sentiment and all of his pro illegal and open borders statements. Despite knowing all this about Barlavi, Katie Hill still endorsed him and it’s obvious that his display of disrespect during the pledge and his pro illegal, open borders ideology didn’t bother her.

Greg A.

To Alan,

So sorry, Alan Ferdman, you got it wrong in your Drive Around the City article.

Bouquet Canyon Road hasn’t undergone a name change. It’s southern end is still where it’s always been, at the corner if Magic Mountain Parkway. San Fernando Road did have it’s name changed to Railroad Avenue.

Methinks your dislike if the “decision makers” was showing!

Patrick Comey
Santa Clarita

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  1. Robert Ducharme on February 1, 2019 @ 6:40 am

    Where’s the “Bad Boys & Girls” this week??

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