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Thank you for the recent “Doug’s Rants”.
…This is a lot going on politically.
The Progressive Left’s century long push to end the American republic and turn it into some weak kneed democracy like UK or France or Spain or Venezuela has ALMOST succeeded. We are now in a POST Constitutional phase of our Republic. [yes, i am a big believer in Roman history pointing the way to modern day developments]
The Left, and its allies, have politicized everything from kindergarten teaching to pro sports, in some effort to turn off its conservatives opponents into a self induced exile from the political arena.
How can Leftists lose if they control all the cultural levers of power such as Academia, Big-Media, Hollywood, Big-Entertainment, and the populace of the big cities?
They can still lose in this American republic if the majority or even a strong minority opposes them.
Hence the BIG PUSH to silence any OPPOSITION.
First it was Political Correctness, or silence your selves please, starting in the late eighties.
Then it was Dems are the victims, because Kerry lost in Florida.
Then relax and go to sleep and don’t oppose us, because we got this savior of America, President Obama.
Didn’t i hear that Pennsylvanian voters who didn’t go along with program, get called out for ‘clinging to their guns and Bibles?’
And then, we got called ‘deplorables’ if we dare vote for an alternate candidate from the anointed successor.
So it should be no surprise that given the few political setbacks the Left has had, new marching orders have come down from the ultimate think tank, The New York Time/Washington Post.
Follow Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals. Use all the methods to intimitate and silence opposition. Use everything to identify, personalize personal attacks on ALL opponents from the usual leaders to the lowest strata, you know, those guys weedwacking their yards in Agua Dulce.
Hence, we are all now ‘racists’ for following Trump. We are hypocrites for not pulling him back from his Tweets or grandiose speeches. We are not LIKE other Americans because we are ‘white supremacists’.
Such is the level of political discourse in our time.
And speaking of time, forgive me for going to long.
I only did mean to thank you for pointing out the OBVIOUS.

Christy Smith, who swore an OATH to defend our Constitution, has shown her true Anti-American values by wanting to be able to say whatever SHE wants, while attempting to violate the Constitutional rights of others, namely Doug Sutton’s, by trying to destroy this publication. This is so hypocritical as to make one wonder about the level of contempt she holds for the opinions of citizens that elected her, and should disqualify her from being a representative. Recall? Here is my prayer for the followers of Christy Smith, who represents citizens of a country she neither appreciates nor understands.

Free speech-hating
Bill of Rights-hating
Hypocritically projecting

Richard Hood,
Retired history teacher

As expected, the haters who do not believe in the 1st Amendment, Assemblywoman Christy Smith supporters who also act on her behalf, posted the contact information on all of the advertisers in the Gazette. Thank you very much; it saves a lot of us a huge amount of time.
To each and every advertiser: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ADVERTISING IN THE GAZETTE! It is the intention of many of us to contact each of you personally but for the moment, THANK YOU. We now know an elected representative is anti- 1st Amendment AND her unbridled cruelty to financially harm her very own constituents and voters. It is nothing less than wonderful she exhibited it for us….her constituents. Further, her followers doubled down and underlined her core beliefs with their actions.
Evidence and proof vividly handed to us. – Betty Arenson


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