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Good afternoon Mr. Sutton:

I was a candidate for the City Council appointment this past year, and have enjoyed reading your weekly rants and the opinion pieces by your contributors since getting more informed and involved with the local political scene in Santa Clarita.

I just wanted to comment that I share your sentiment regarding the need for more writers from a “right” perspective to grace the pages of our local publications. While it may be easy to get sucked into a Facebook comment war, the end result seems to be an emotional diatribe void of any rationality. And at the end of the day, it just gets lost in a sea of Facebook Newsfeeds.  Writing for local publications such as yours, in my opinion, reaches an audience that does not have the time or patience to wade through the ramblings of the online “trolls” and prefer a structured environment for their political engagements and discussions.

You mention in your article not seeing much from conservatives or liberals on net neutrality.  Candidate Brian Caforio recently took to SCVNews to discuss this very topic, to which  I had a response published at RightOnSCV (https://rightonscv.com/2017/no-caforio-internet-not-broken/) providing a conservative rebuttal.  I did the same when Katie Hill attacked the Republican tax plan as a scam  (https://rightonscv.com/2017/hill-wrong-tax-reform/).  I have a few pieces published in the signal since this summer as well that tries to bring a conservative viewpoint to our valley regarding the 2nd amendment, taxes, and a need to respect the Constitution as a whole, not just the pieces we like.  (https://signalscv.com/2017/11/jason-gibbs-respecting-bill-rights-amendments/)

I believe you will see more new republican voices coming out this year, and I appreciate your column this week making the point that it is badly needed! I will try to get a couple pieces  for your publication, as the inevitable partisan attacks start are coming into full swing for the 2018 election season.


Looking forward to more rants and quality writing from you and your contributors!

Jason Gibbs

In response to “District Voting Dilemma” by Betty Arenson


Last week, you wrote that you have yet to see any proof of Latino Voter Suppression, because no one has said outright that Latinos are not allowed to vote.

When an elected official rallies on a street corner and makes blanket statements about how “llegals” are the sole reason for the California deficit, without any proof of those purported violations, it sends a message to constituents that the council member is not fighting for everyone. (What about the return on investment, and the amount of people who give back to the economy by doing the jobs you refuse to do?) It sends the message that someone who we depend on as citizens to represent everyone does not stand for everyone. If you feel like you are being ripped off because citizens of different ethnicities want representation and civil equality, maybe you should rethink your status as a citizen in this country, because being an American means fighting for liberty and justice for all.

Last week, you also called Latino suppression a “non-existent ill” of SCV. What kind of logic is that? Blinding yourself to the struggles of other people does not make their problems non-existent.

Finally, you mentioned that Bob Kellar was called a “tired, old default name” – and actually, I agree. The word “racist” has lost its power. We need a new term to identify anti-American ideals and people as old and as tired as racism itself – and I think your name would fit nicely.

Jon B.

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